We launched Vazco almost a decade ago. Back then, in 2009, the idea was simple enough - to work on fully scalable websites with modern interfaces, fully optimized and in tune with the very latest in technology. This is what made us move forward from PHP-powered websites to fullstack JavaScript web applications. At first, from 2013 on, our framework of choice was Meteor as it proved to be a safe haven in a constantly evolving IT world, combining a growing potential of Node-based end-to-end JavaScript solutions with the then-flabbergasting ability to easily prototype, efficiently develop, deliver on time and with distinction.


I trust them hugely and it’s a rarity in business. They are reliable business partners.

Ivica Balenovic, CEO in aleno


We started acquiring more and more enticing projects, ranging from social networks, to e-learning platforms, to complex management systems. Our clients were very much like us - innovative, startup-like minds that readily fusioned with one another - and it came only natural that our business relations got closely akin to those built inside our company. Business and technological processes, if accompanied with communication both regular and robust, tend to stay in sync and it is on this basic premise that we grew and matured.


I like working with Vazco a lot. They always deliver. I appreciate their proactiveness, help in organizing my work, and that they’re always on time.

Hanna Sankowska, Newcastle University

Win-Win Approach.

As time went by, our skills spread vastly into native and hybrid applications. With always a keen eye on bleeding edge technologies, we closely observe and analyze how the IT world is revolving. We took a firm grasp on React, React Native, GraphQL, machine learning and blockchain methodologies. We don’t limit ourselves to a set of legacies, striving to combine some of the best technologies in the field with the business goals of our clients. With a decade behind us, we know our onions through and through, and our expertise covers more than just technicalities. We provide CTO competences, organize design sprints, advise on a good approach in app development process. The figures always converge with us. We’ve been here for quite some time but up our sleeves, there’s more.


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