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On Database Migrations in MongoDB

calendar icon2022-07-28
user iconRadosław Miernik

The database schema is something that tends to evolve along the code. In a way, the nature of the project decides whether or not you need a proper migration workflow. Most MVPs don’t need one, as they are most likely fine with purging the database every time even a change is made. At the same time, designing and maintaining one is a good practice, as it builds confidence for when it’s actually needed.
And confidence is crucial when you have millions of documents to migrate.

How to seamlessly deploy on Fridays and still sleep tight at night? | On QA Automation necessity and more

calendar icon2022-07-19
user iconWojciech Adamek

Are Friday deployments giving you jim-jams, and you don't know what to do? Wojtek, our Software Architect, might have a few tips for you. If you're interested in how to bring your QA Automation to another level and yet be stressed out during any deployments, then it is perfect content for you.

How to prepare yourself for the crisis?

calendar icon2022-07-12
user iconMichał Zacher

Is the economic crisis to come or not to come? It’s unpredictable - both in terms of whether it starts, as well as how deep it could hit. Still, it’s good to at least have a plan for one.

Why is Meteor not suitable for large applications?

calendar icon2022-06-30
user iconMaciej Stasiełuk

You may find on the Internet many voices that Meteor is not suitable for large applications. Is this really true? Where do these opinions come from? Read our take on the issue.

Towards the Fibers-free Meteor

calendar icon2022-06-27
user iconRadosław Miernik

In this article, our Software Architect and Meteor Core contributor covered one of the hottest Meteor topics these days - can Meteor live without Fibers, and how to untangle that relationship to move Meteor forwards. On the one hand, it helped Meteor to get traction; on the other, it is causing issues with updating the Node.js runtime. Found it interesting? Click for more and enjoy.

Citizen development will revolutionize the way we think about app development

calendar icon2022-02-02

In the era of rapid digitalization, when all enterprises feel the pressure to move their processes online, a new movement called citizen development started. Simply speaking, it is development for non-developers. This approach brings a new perspective to app and website development, creating some new, exciting possibilities. [...]

What are the advantages of having a Product Owner on your project?

calendar icon2021-12-14

This article will show you when the Product Owner is an essential piece of the project puzzle. What does his role on the project give you? How will the Product Owner optimize the process of your project? That's only the sneak peek. Interested? So check out this article.

On throw in React

calendar icon2021-10-05
user iconRadosław Miernik

"The (clean) API itself is there not only to help people understand the code better without diving into implementation details but also to prevent them from foot guns of any sort. [...]"

Are you into this topic? If so check this article and find out what our Software Architect thinks about the future of React.

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