A social messaging solution integrating multiple social channels.

  • Team in 3 time zones
  • Improvement of a live product
  • Market viability
React Native


What did the client expect?

Manage a distributed team

The team members were located in time zones from Australia to Europe.

Update project documentation

Project documentation was incomplete and required improvement.

Improve project management

Kanban and Jira were to be introduced to the process.


How did we work on the project?

The biggest challenge when we joined the project was to coordinate cooperation with a team from 3 different time zones. The client is from Australia, we also had to coordinate work with the client’s developer, all working in an augmented team model.

The process needed to be adapted to ensure good communication. We adjusted Jira workflow and decided to introduce Kanban due to the varying time commitment of programmers.

We joined the project when it was already on the live server. The client needed our help in developing new features. We started with updating project documentation. We provided the client with advice on improving the development process.

The first bigger feature we implemented was the browser extension. Lately, we added a mobile application for Android and iOS.


What did we achieve?

The augmented team in the distributed model proved successful. The web and mobile version of the applications were delivered and rolled out to the live environment.

Team in 3 time zones

Efficient distributed model

Improvement of a live product

Careful upgrades to maintain stability

Market viability

The upgraded product went live


Key features

  • mobile App for Android and iOS based on the desktop version
  • browser Extensions
  • application improvements

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