A tool to simplify management for renovation companies.

  • Offline mode

  • Task management and progress tracking

  • Quoting and invoicing process



What did the client expect?

Application based on a pre-existing prototype

We were asked to create an application based on a pre-existing prototype written in Blaze, with an already defined look and flow.

Complex invoice-generation procedures

Starting with a quote, through the order on which the invoice is based.

Offline mode (desktop and mobile)

Workers on site could have problems with access to the Internet so the application has to work in offline mode too.


How did we work on the project?

We were asked to create an application based on a pre-existing prototype written in Blaze, with an already defined look and flow. The first stage of the project required us to review the existing application and re-plan functionalities to support all corner-cases.

Afterward, we focused on creating an architecture for the system and prepared a project’s backlog.

Our graphic designers re-designed the landing page to ensure it conveyed the essential advantages of the system transparently.


What did we achieve?

One of the application goals was to support staff who didn’t have access to the internet. In order to meet this goal while keeping development costs low, we implemented a hybrid mobile application. Thanks to this solution, parts of the system could be used without access to the internet, with data synchronized periodically.

The system included complex invoice-generation procedures, as well as a task management flow for renovation companies. With the use of open-source libraries, we created a PDF invoice generator. We integrated the application with the Stripe payment system. To implement an interactive timeline we used a custom Canvas solution.

BizMaster was localized to multiple languages, including Chinese, and supported different currencies.

100% Control of the business

Available from anywhere, at anytime

Desktop and mobile application


Key features

  • Multi-platform application
  • Online ordering
  • Support for the estimates (creating quotes based on the previous offers)
  • Work planning and task management
  • Progress Tracking
  • Interactive timeline
  • Communication with a client (internal messages)
  • Notification system
  • Invoicing and financial control
  • Payment system based on Stripe
  • Document management (progression photos)
  • PDF generation
  • Jobs history


Features overview

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