Forms management system for vendors placed worldwide

  • Replace an email-based, manually-handled business process with a convenient online application
  • Increase the number of updated documents periodically by vendors
  • Reduce Callison’s staff time needed to manage documents


What did the client expect?

Adapted human-operated process

The human-operated process had to be researched and, after some optimizations, adapted to the application

Connection with ERP system

An application must work with the ERP system used by our client: connect by API, get and send appropriate data

Data proctection

Fully protected data of present vendors and potential clients

The tool suitable worldwide

Adjust the application to international use: vendors are placed worldwide, requiring multi-language solutions, well-fitted forms, and its database


How did we work on the project?

We received a specification where assumptions and requirements were described. The general structure of the application was scratched as well. We analyzed specifications and tried to capture the current process. An essential part of this job was to understand the order and the goal of each action.

After we understood how and why the whole process was working, we could design solutions discussed with the Business Owner of the process and the Technical Manager.

We suggested dividing the application into two main modules: for users and admins.

Future users of the application (vendors, to be more specific) needed to put the necessary data (which we designed as forms to fill in) and periodically update information. The goal here was to create the most efficient way of collecting data because this process initially required a lot of time and was quite complex. What’s more, our client needed to change the type of data collected from time to time. We choose uniforms to deal with those problems because of the flexibility and possibilities of using validation.

On the other hand, we had admins responsible for verifying users’ data and decision-making about further collaboration. Because we have vendors to handle from all over the world and slightly different rules or types of collected data, admins needed a system of access and permissions (e.g., admins from the USA might verify data from American vendors). We also designed a system of assigning applications from vendors to admins and functional filters.

What’s more, we saw the need to create a space for communication between users and admins. Users receive feedback from admins about data they provided and further decisions. From our perspective, it was worth reminding users about approaching the date of data update or sending them info about its application’s changed status and requiring their activity.


What did we achieve?

Both vendors and administrators received well-rounded systems to handle the whole process of data collecting, updating, and managing them.

The entire process was moved from many emails to a single application.

As a result, the time needed to onboard a new vendor was reduced, and the process was streamlined. The system also made vendors update their data on a more regular basis. We met business goals that we aimed for.

Management optimization

Increasing the number of sent and updated applications

Time optimization

Decreasing the time needed for verification and managing these data

Process optimization

The implemented solution has fastened workflow in CallisonRTKL


Key features

  • Complex forms with multiple validations
  • A module for managing users’ applications
  • Preview for filled-in forms
  • API to send and get data from and to ERP system
  • A system for distributing and assigning tasks
  • A user management system
  • Complex filters
  • Notifications module
  • FAQ module
  • User profile
  • Advanced search engine for applications and users


What does our client think?

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Vazco's professional help met the app and business goals. Collaborators reduced the time spend onboarding a new vendor and handling the update process of data and vendor communication. This encouraged the number of vendors who updated data and documents on a regular basis.

Bill Kwon

Vice President of Information Technology & Digital Transformation at CallisonRTKL

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Michał Zacher

Michał Zacher

CEO at Vazco

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