Manage Platform

A custom project management platform for specific business needs.

  • Custom PM logic
  • Customizable platform
  • Easy and fun to use


What did the client expect?

Custom and customizable platform

We wanted the platform to meet our specific needs and to be able to evolve in the future.

Build internally, roll out externally

We built the platform for our own use but planned a public launch after testing.


The app was planned to grow and expand, and we considered this when planning the architecture.


How did we work on the project?

We were using various project management tools at Vazco, however, none of them fully supported our work process.

They were either too simple or too cumbersome to use. We decided we needed to create a project management platform that would adapt to our process and which would be able to evolve with it.

This project made us focus on Meteor. The technology’s default support for real-time communication, as well as a support for creating modern platforms, convinced us this was the right platform for a PM tool focused on cooperation.

The platform’s architecture was planned so that all modifications done in the future would not complicate the original code. The project was originally created for our internal use, yet we decided we would launch it for the public as well.

The platform is SaaS-based. However, it allows users to create plugins that change the front-end, as well as parts of the back-end. We wanted our users to have the same freedom of adapting the application to their needs as our developers had. The main challenge was to make creating plugins really easy and fun.


What did we achieve?

The exciting tool we built for ourselves was a learning opportunity as well as a productivity boost for our team. We followed a principle that a software solution should follow a business logic, not the other way round. Manage platform helped us collaborate in a more efficient way and made us proud.

Custom PM logic

We adapted the tool to our needs

Customizable platform

Flexible to follow business changes

Easy and fun to use

Friendly user experience


Key features

  • scrum-based project management, with options to customize
  • time tracking
  • cost tracking
  • real-time reactive dashboard
  • oAuth authentication
  • a Dropbox-like file cloud
  • architecture supporting plugins

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