Meals Unite

Online marketplace inspiring guests to share a meal at the private home of a host.

  • Technical upgrade
  • New features
  • New designs


What did the client expect?

Boost existing web application

The complex system including booking, payments and social media integration required a fresh start.

Provide new designs

The expansion of the system meant that we had to design new parts of the system, based on mockups.

Work with legacy code

The application we took over had been previously developed by other teams and needed a technological revamp.


How did we work on the project?

We were approached by a customer from the Netherlands and asked to boost the existing Web application – an online marketplace for persons organizing and attending meals.

The solution featured advanced search capabilities as well as a payment system, user customizations, social media events sharing, inviting guests, and geolocation. There were also a couple of technical issues to be handled.

Additionally, we were tasked with implementing a whole new design of critical parts of the app, ie. home view, meals list and meals detail, along with their respective - and quite intricate at times - logic.

We were provided with mockups for parts of the app to be reimplemented. Yet, as is usually the case when working with existing apps, they needed to be readjusted a couple of times along the way, mainly due to the logical constraints from the mechanisms underneath.

We got through this successfully, and additionally handled a number of technical issues scattered throughout the app. While admittedly not the most comfortable stuff to deal with, working with someone else’s code has once again proved to be an experience to learn from and it was an interesting challenge.


What did we achieve?

The revamped and upgraded application offered additional features and attractive designs. The existing code was thoroughly checked, and the overall performance of the platform improved.

Technical upgrade

Existing code developed by other teams was overhauled

New features

Additional functionalities were added

New designs

User interface was expanded


Key features

  • technically advanced marketplace with both standard and nonstandard capabilities
  • attractive, tailor-made design of critical parts
  • well-made search mechanism, based on Elasticsearch

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