Helping broadcasters and publishers find and obtain digital rights to real-time Instagram user-generated content.

  • MVP built from scratch
  • Mature product in months
  • Secured funding


What did the client expect?

Manage social content rights

The client expected to be able to obtain digital rights to real-time Instagram content.

Utilize Instagram API

The application had to connect to Instagram API to access data.

Feature-rich MVP

The MVP had to maintain the balance between simplicity and functionality.


How did we work on the project?

We were approached by a startup from Scotland with an interesting idea: a mobile-ready web app integrated with the Instagram API. It was to help broadcasters and publishers find and obtain digital rights to real-time Instagram user-generated content.

The app was supposed to be developed as an MVP with a simple yet accurate and localization-aware search mechanism, payment system and other features, tentatively implemented within restrictions imposed by the Instagram API.

While conceptually quite precise, the idea of our app needed to be readjusted, based on a basic prototype and mockups as submitted by the customer.

We chose our standard stack at the time – Meteor with MongoDB + React – and within months provided a ready-to-go product, fully mature in terms of its limited MVP scope.


What did we achieve?

Building the application from scratch meant leading the client through the journey from first ideation sessions to a working product. Since the tool met the business requirements set out by the owners, it attracted investors and assured funding for further development.

MVP built from scratch

End-to-end engineering

Mature product in months

Quick development with tangible results

Secured funding

Financial backing was won after MVP


Key features

  • searching through all public Instagram profiles for user-generated content that matched criteria
  • RWD
  • tight integration with Instagram APIs

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