High-quality Configurator for the 3D Shopping experience

Increase sales by letting your users customize and interact with your product

  • increase customer's trust - encourage people to buy your product online
  • significantly improve conversion rate - increased trust, and upsell options
  • speed up decision-making - avoid solutions, which divert attention

Show you're on the edge of technology!

Case study

Vetsak 3D Configurator

We built a configurator in which changes applied in real-time allow customers to visualize the product without a need to visit a showroom.

We extended the understanding of how the sofa is being built and how flexible it is. Result?

  • The conversion rate increased by 100%.

The tool was used by customer support even before it was officially launched. 3D Configurator dispels doubts of potential customers by showing the perfect configuration in desired textile and color that was not an option before due to quantity limitations of sofa’s configurations during photo-shoot. What made us stand out?

  • The system is made future-proof and flexible.
  • New products, fabrics can be easily added.


What did we aim for?

Increase customers' trust

We make people trust by giving them a solution to buying products online without seeing them live.

Improve conversion rate

Technology as a way to improve conversion.

Simple purchase process

Focus on the product. Avoid solutions, which divert attention.

No-code approach

Let the client do more modifications without programmers' involvement.


Check in action the configurator we built for Vetsak


Get the custom configurator tailored to your exact needs.

What is really special about our blend of custom development with module configuration?

  • fully customizable solution
  • easily extendable features for every industry
  • we provide the Tech know-how and support

Our solution delivers features such as:

  • quick loading times on mobile and web
  • support of AR / VR
  • easy integrations with shopping platforms
  • lightweight, JavaScript-based
  • also supports the generation of 3D elements based on patterns

Boost your shopping experience with us

Additional value

Augmented Reality

Boost your customer experience by allowing them to see the configured product in the real world. Engage your users to click on the “buy” button by giving them the opportunity to see the designed product in real live on the screen of their mobile phone camera.


Let your users create, customize and interact with your product.




Fitness and Sporting Goods

Interior design




What we deliver

Our product characteristics


A user-centric system with straightforward UI. Made for building custom forms with a drag-and-drop interface, based on a popular OpenSource uniforms package.


Based on lightweight Three.js technology. Fast loading and great responsiveness - both for mobile and web.


Easy to integrate with any solution. A powerful option for building any custom configurator you'd like.

How we work

Development proces



Let's talk about your needs and business goals.



We'll propose how a 3D configurator can boost your business.



We'll give you a budget and timeline and options to choose from.



Afterward, we'll help you push your sales process to a new dimension.

Are you looking for configurator tailored to your business needs?

Tech stack

We choose JavaScript and complementary
technologies for versatility and speed


Beyond 3D configurator

Comprehensive project implementation

What do we bring to the project?

  • Increase customers' trust - find a way to make people trust in buying products online, without seeing them live.
  • Improve conversion rate - find ways to improve conversion, thanks to tech.
  • Simple purchase process - focus on the product. Avoid solutions, which divert attention.
  • No-code approach - let the client do more modifications without programmers' involvement.
  • Speed up decision making - increase sales and increase user satisfaction.
  • Online interactive experience - reduce the need to see the product live before buying it.
  • Show flexibility of the product - by showing endless options of the sofa arrangements.
  • Adapted for both mobile and desktop - the configurator works smoothly on all of the devices.

About us

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We launched Vazco a decade ago. Since then we've been building a software development company that focuses on technology and business value for clients.


Completed projects

With tens of finalized projects, and many of them ongoing, we gained the expertise to deliver both small-scale MVPs as well as complex web and mobile apps.


Downloads of our uniforms package

Vendors of uniforms - top React form management package.

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We are creators of uniforms

One of the most popular open-source libraries designed to create forms

We created and develop one of the most popular React library for building forms from any schema. The uniforms.tools library has been downloaded over 700 000 times by developers, who rely on it.

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Michał Zacher

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