Workflow Management

Let’s put lightweight into form-heavy workflow management apps!

Using modern JavaScript, and proven industry solutions, we make process management apps lightweight, user-friendly & simple.

  • Change or adjust forms and workflows in minutes, not days
  • Use modern React drag-and-drop interfaces
  • Use workflow engine best suited to your business scenario
  • Work with the vendor of & FormBuilder

Form Management

None of the tools offered on the market met our requirements for the quality and convenience of using JavaScript technology. Therefore, based on, we have built our form management platform - FormBuilder a user-centric system for building custom forms with a drag-and-drop interface- which combines developer-friendliness with ease of use by business users.

The most important features of the FormBuilder:

  • Build forms through drag-and-drop React interface
  • Support for all types of fields available in
  • Focused around Developer Experience and simplicity
  • Provides pre-defined forms for quick prototyping

We treat each client and each case uniquely. We like the flexibility of FormBuilder. However in case, another tool is better suited for your business, we can advise you on the one to choose and help you implement it. We know them through and through.

You deserve an app, which doesn’t require a rewrite when your process changes.

Workflow management

We’re experts in building lightweight drag-and-drop interfaces for process management or BPM workflow management.

Do you need a lightweight & easy-to-use interface for a few process workflows?

You want to make sure your app doesn’t need to be rewritten when your process changes. You don’t want to add another complex dependency to your project.

In such cases, we focus on:

  • custom approach
  • simple code, easy to integrate with the rest of your app
  • low learning curve - something your team can work with easily and have fast adaptation
  • the extensible solution, easy to maintain
  • using advantage of modern solutions, e.g. serverless AWS Lambda Step Functions

We can advise you on the best approach for your project.

Is your app managing multiple complex workflows, and do you want to address every corner case?

In this case, choosing a feature-rich existing solution, and empowering it with new tech is a good approach.

In such cases we:

  • advise you on which solution to choose
  • make sure complex solutions, like e.g. Camunda, are used in as lightweight as a possible way
  • we improve UI’s and usability of complex solutions, with the use of user-friendly React interfaces
  • we make sure we simplify it whenever possible
  • we tune the behemoth to your business case, reducing complexities whenever possible


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