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You have an idea to make an app and you want it to be done properly, with a clean-cut, scalable architecture. Architecture that is flexible enough to structurally evolve in the future. You want your app to live and grow. If this is so, the GraphQL/Apollo stack is the very best you can find on the market and we are the very best you can approach on the matter.
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What we do?
Apps don’t grow on trees.
Whatever you have in mind – be it a mature concept or a mere nutshell of an idea – we’ll help you to turn it into a ready-to-go Web/mobile app. On top of that, by default, we’ll strive to build it in a structurally impeccable way. Our apps are robust enough to evolve with their respective markets. They don’t grow on trees yet they are alive.
We were approached to build “Grid” from scratch. The app required large amounts of data to be combined and denormalized on the fly as needed by its different parts. GraphQL proved to be a perfect solution to keep a clean data model along with complex yet isolated logic to provide denormalized query results as expected by the app.
A multiple semantic zoom mechanism – a core functionality of “Zoom” – was a genuine challenge. Tons of data to be carefully and constantly reorganized in tune with the user’s preferences could easily turn an app into a fuzzy nebula of its fragmented logic. If it were not for GraphQL, combined with a tailor-made caching mechanism, designed by us specifically for the task, it’d have been hard to hit this bull right in the eye.
“Onyx” required a very robust and flexible system to integrate its systems and business flows. It contains multiple upstream data systems (including REST APIs and Business Process Automation tools) and various clients, including mobile apps. GraphQL was a great solution to manage APIs and created an excellent foundation for further development.
Why choose us?
Query the future with us.
A technology-independent query language, GraphQL caught our eyes from the start. As soon as it was publicly available, we put our hands on it and sensed its vast potential as a means to properly define relations inside the Web/mobile app. We started using it commercially in 2017 and, together with Apollo and React, it quickly became our technology of choice. We know it and we love it, through and through.
Our open source packages – eg. uniforms (a set of React libraries for building forms) and SparrowQL (a dynamic MongoDB aggregations tool) – fit neatly with GraphQL, both technologically and conceptually. They look as if they were built with GraphQL in mind. Check them out!
Our most popular GITHUB packs
Bunch of React components and helpers to easily generate and validate forms from anu GraphQL schema.
Internationalization package for React and Meteor.
so far and still counting
I used uniforms myself, they are the autoforms of React. I think it’s an absolutely amazing package and deserves more praise.
Jerremy McConnors
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