Node.js + React:Handy and handsome, end-to-end technologies
Node.js + React is all-JavaScript, unified, performant and mature technological stack for all things Web. It is a perfect place to start your app and keep it simple and structured enough to be maintainable. In Vazco, we’ve been doing this since time immemorial. Our developers are among the most experienced you can get.
Why choose React Native?
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Why choose Node with React?
The most important benefits of NodeJS and React

Unified language

With Node.js + React, you start with a clean slate and then magically keep it so. Almost. With JavaScript being used everywhere, logic and code can be shared between front and back on a scale that is limited by logic itself only. No technical restraints, no technological commitments beyond necessity. Unified language, cross-technology.

Stunning performance

It’s only with Node.js that JavaScript has become popular as a server language. And with a reason, as Node.js is light-fast and multitasking-oriented by design. It makes a perfect backend counterpart for frontend React which is so massively successful for the very same reason: speed and scalability.

Mature ecosystems

Both React and Node.js have been around and hot for quite some time. Their ecosystems are rich and abundant. There’s almost nothing, apart from whatever is app-specific, that needs to be reinvented afresh. Open-source packages and ready-made components are already there, impatient to get implemented.
aleno is a complex but intuitive reservation management system for restaurants. It utilizes an innovative graphical interface for handling reservations and is extremely flexible with a rich set of configurable features to make it work in virtually every restaurant environment. And it’s huge in terms of numbers of customers being served. Its code needs to be carefully maintained and kept tight and tidy which would be costly if it were not for JavaScript running things on both Node.js server and React front.
Onyx is an extremely customizable Processes, Models and Document Management system. Its complexity is stunning and as a challenge, it is impressive in itself. It’s actually a system to create Workflow Management subsystems, very abstract and demanding in terms of resources and performance expected. Our developers proved our Node.js + React stack to fit nicely and tightly into the demands. The system runs as smooth as butter and it does actually feel super-light.
Booksalon is a booking appointments online system. A number of forms to be put together, packed neatly along with each other, powered with logic and data subsystems synchronized between the server and the browser. It would be a massive challenge if it were not facilitated with Node.js and React magnificent ecosystems. Our developers have utilized our homemade open source “uniforms” package, with more 1000 stars on GitHub, combined it with graphQL/apollo state management library and covered it nicely with material-ui. It’s all open source. And all quality.
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