A system to run beauty and wellness company.

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A client from Finland approached us with a half-finished prototype that had been worked on by a couple of companies. The task seemed quite a complex one – to unify a set of unfinished or partially finished parts of the system into one app and make it production-ready, all the way through, from the setup of code quality tools, through deployment process, to monitoring. Additionally, we were supposed to fully refactor the data model, with proper access and validation support to be implemented from scratch.

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The project we got our hands on is a modern, sophisticated system to run beauty and wellness salons, with fully customizable information for the customer, booking and payment functionalities, staff management, interactive widgets and so forth. Our task was to overtake the project and make it coherent, functional and ready to be published. We started with just one developer and then expanded to a team of five. Meanwhile, the system is rapidly growing, with more and more salons registered :)



  • Time management through calendar interface
  • Customers, employees, services and booking management
  • Financial management
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Internationalization

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