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Live broadcast of ECC Chess tournament on a virtual chessboard.

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Organizers of European Chess Championship 2014 contacted us with a request to organize a broadcast of their 3-day long live tournaments. There were a total of 616 players participating, with a total of 25 000 viewers over the course of 3 days. Our goal was to broadcast blitz and rapid chess games in real time on a virtual chessboard, supporting large traffic.


Since moves are usually made in a matter of seconds, limiting delay in transmission was the most important task. The main challenge was a quick transformation of moves we received into a format we could display. In blitz part of the tournament we were receiving moves from all chessboards as often as a few times per second. We had to show them in real time.

We based our solution on a node.js and a cluster of servers. We used MongoDB for storing historical games. We created a set of monitoring tools to measure any delays or problems in transmission.

Whenever possible, we used as simple solutions as possible. Large part of the site was based on HTML and Javascript, to eliminate burden on server side.



  • Live broadcast of moves on virtual chessboard
  • support of dozens of moves per second
  • supports of a total of 25 000 viewers, spending on average 7 minutes on a site
  • history of games and ability to view games on your own pace, regardless of broadcast
  • SSO Facebook login

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