Mobile app for club management, ordering drinks via application

GRID - An innovative mobile app for club management, allowing ordering drinks via the application in the club.

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  1. Delivering product to market within a very short timeframe
  2. Building data-driven development, with live tests dictating development path a) Building an environment which allows for constant significant modifications of a live app, based on test results
    b) Setting the development process to allow for constant modifications
  3. R&D - being a part of the client’s team, suggesting improvements
  4. R&D - building multiple innovative solutions


  • In the first phase, we built an app that allowed us to order drinks remotely, without having to go to the counter. In 3 months we created a prototype, which was approved by investors, and secured additional funding
  • Afterward, we spent 2 months on polishing an application well enough, so that it could be launched in a first club
  • After 3 months we scaled an app to be launched in 5 clubs

Main value brought

  • Seamless transition from a prototype, to MVP, to live scaled-up product, without code rewrites
  • Full mobile support, with mobile-first thinking - including club management tools
  • Implementation of an innovative QR code-based payment system
  • Integration with external scanners and registers
  • API which allows supporting any front-end - mobile versions, web, tablets, etc., without a need to create additional code


  • purchasing drinks remotely, through:

    • QR codes
    • Scanners
    • Payment systems (Credit card - Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, internal app credits)
  • coat check functionality
  • inventory management - both through mobile and web
  • tipping functionality
  • gamification for app users
  • station management
  • staff management
  • support for multiple clubs
  • order management
  • invoicing
  • advanced reporting (monthly, daily)
  • club entry management - ticket sales, check-in, and check-out on-premise
  • authorization through social networks - FB, mobile phone and others
  • SMS integration

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