Learning Circle

A platform allowing students to learn from each other.

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We were given a task to create a platform which organizes students in groups based on their location and preferences. Students then interact and learn from each other, based on a predefined interactive program, with minimal involvement of a teacher. The project was build for Learning Circle, under a support of a Newcastle University.

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We helped define functionalities and interface for this website. We chose Meteor to realize this project, due to a number of features we could reuse from our codebase. We based Learning Circle on our Universe platform. It increases sustainability of Meteor projects by implementing better encapsulation of code, better separation of front-end modules from back-end and providing option of extending functionalities through a set of predefined rules.

Central feature for student cooperation is live conferencing, which we implemented based on Google Hangouts. Students can cooperate by preparing projects and inviting others to their projects, as well as through blog content they create. They can interact through a twitter-like communication for their groups and sections. All education-focused activity is presented to them through an activity feed, working similar like Facebook’s activity wall.

Mentors and teachers can manage student progress and guide them through teacher’s panel. Administrators have insight to admission reports through a separate tool prepared for them.



  • conferencing through Google Hangouts
  • custom defined course logic
  • blogs and projects
  • course management tools


I like working with Vazco a lot. They always deliver. I appreciate their proactiveness, help in organizing my work, and that they’re always on time.

Hanna Sankowska, Newcastle University


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