A service for caregivers. It coordinates help given by many organizations to a single person.

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We were approached by Pnyx with a goal to create a community for care givers, which would allow for different companies to share information about single individuals they provide help for. The system had to meet all requirements of Australian law for storage of sensitive information.

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Pnyx was built on Meteor, where our key challenge was to quickly adapt access system to meet strict requirements of Australian law. Particular caregivers can be given specific access type to any part of the site.

The whole website was designed around a careroom - a place where all information about an individual are stored. The careroom contains schedules, planned services and caregivers that are providing them, as well as information about an individual.

Individual’s family can control access levels and can freely communicate with caregivers.



  • A custom access system, with over 50 settings
  • A care room - a knowledgebase for a single person
  • Progress note for services that individual needs
  • A shared calendar for services
  • Document templates for caregivers
  • Social features

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