A social network and cooperation platform for skilled individuals to offer their services and connect with a community.

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Spotwork came to us with a goal of creating a website for artists and individuals, where they could search for and put offers of services. Multiple features were planned to empower this main role. We keep supporting the project, constantly enchancing it.


When Spotwork contacted us, website was already partly done. The company Spotwork cooperated with couldn’t handle complexity of the project though. This was visible both in the code and in functionality. We decided to first rewrite the site in order to improve the quality of the code.

Website was based on Elgg architecture, with use of our custom libraries. First version focused on spots - a short text advertisements. With time, a talent finder was added, as well as multiple features to improve communication and knowledge sharing inside the site.

With time, website was optimized to support larger traffic. We used our high-load technology to meet this goal.

With time, multiple new features were being added to the project, latest one being federated networks - a feature allowing to create a separated Spotwork instance that communicates with other instances, sharing chosen data.

Currently there are over 60 types of entities in the system, and approx. 110 custom-made modules.



  • Spots - user to user advertisements
  • Groups
  • Talent finder
  • Custom album manager
  • Custom note manager
  • Dynamic form management tools
  • Federation networks
  • Custom newsletter management module

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