Cloud-based agency operating system for shipping agents.

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Our client here was Stage3System, an expert in global shipping industry. We were asked to take over a Meteor-based project – a precursor of my-a3 – and revitalize it in terms of performance, optimisation and lower code debt ratio. It seemed to be a long way to go as the app seems to be overloaded with issues. Page loading times were low, the system was prone to crash at random and it was generally complicated to even make it boot up.

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We started with a thorough technical audit of the app and then were tasked with making it usable and publishable. The most obvious place to start was updating Meteor on the project. Our client estimated it at roughly 200 hours yet we squeezed it to just around 10 and then, within a couple of days, managed to address all critical issues so that, ultimately, our client was able to sell the app to On top of that, we provided monthly consultations for the client, advising on how to tackle crucial issues.



  • Audit focused on performance, technological debt and security
  • Meteor update
  • Addressing critical issues
  • Consultations
  • Ongoing support for the project

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