A knowledge-sharing platform offering workouts and paid courses.

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The project proved to be interesting first and foremost in terms of its external and internal dependencies. We had to integrate with BigBlueButton, a tool for online video courses.

Another integration was with PayPal payment system in order to support organization of paid courses - namely, secure payments processed by SyncMinds rather than directly by a given “trainer”.

SyncMinds data had to be additionally reprocessed through QuickSync mechanism, a forum-like tool that unlike standard fora, dynamically “disseminates” a question so that it can be associated with and then answered by users related to a given area. The same mechanism was also to be used to filter out a relevant knowledge base already present in the system. Optimization of this search mechanism was a significant part of the project.


The client contacted us with an idea to create a platform which would easily connect people interested in improving their knowledge in similar disciplines. This in turn would make it possible to create relations between persons/organizations offering and searching for courses on given topics.

We received an introductory specification. Working along with the client in a design sprint, we prepared initial plan guidelines, mockups, as well as more detailed specification and backlog.

Implementation was handled by a team of two developers.



  • Online courses, integration with BigBlueButton
  • Integration with PayPal
  • QuickSync - a tool for fast communication that allows to dynamically build a relevant knowledge base
  • Groups of professionals sharing same interests
  • Events, integration with Google Maps
  • Leaderboard
  • Facebook-like activities

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