A package ecosystem for building modular real-time applications on Meteor.

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Meteor is a great platform, perfect for quick development of modern applications. Unfortunately large Meteor projects require a strict planning of architecture, otherwise they’re harder to maintain with every custom modification. Customizations of a single system to multiple roles is also complex. Universe is our way to control the chaos. We created set of loosely coupled packages and use them as a building blocks for our applications. We put main focus on code maintainability and component composition, so that we can reuse the code between projects.

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At Vazco we use Meteor as a default platform for new projects since 2013. Apps that we build are quite complex and managing them over time starts to be a problem. Maintainability isn’t easy if you don’t think of it ahead of time.

This started to be an issue for us, that’s why we decided to create Universe. In the beginning it was a set of tools that we can write once and use on multiple projects. We have been changing Universe shape few times over time, testing various patterns and looking for something that will work for us. We think that we found the sweet spot, and decided to share it with the community.

Current platform provides an architecture that makes functionalities we create easier to sustain with time and easier to customize. A large code library of Universe allows us to build basic functionalities of applications quickly. The UniCMS module gives us freedom at designing CMS parts of projects we create with minimal coding.



  • Based on Meteor
  • Packages are independent, however can work with each other
  • Modular architecture, allowing to compose new packages based on existing ones
  • Meteor Collections on steroids provided by UniCollection
  • Set of open-source packages ready to use, providing functionalities like content management, user streams, profile management, data sanitization etc.
  • React as default frontend, increasing modularity
  • Router agnostic (but we prefer FlowRouter)

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