React Native:Natively fast and reactive
You have an idea in mind and you want it live as soon as possible across a range of mobile platforms. If so, our developers are there for you with ReactNative cross platform ability, technological familiarity, and high-level, ultra speed development. It’s never been so fast to deliver and so easy to maintain.
Why choose React Native?
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Why choose React Native?
The most important benefits of React Native

Cross platform development

Develop your mobile app with no money and resources spent twice. With React Native and its unique high-level approach, you can make it work once and for both Android and iOS.

Familiar technology

Use Web-familiar technology that comes with robust, ready-to-go mental models on how to properly structure your app. Whatever is easy and routine on the Web with React, can be as easy with React Native on mobile.

Time to market

With no additional effort needed to make your app go mobile, your time-to-market parameter can be boosted easily and considerably.
Targeted at small companies, Avorra is a complete voice/messaging solution accompanied by analytical tools of all sorts. We have been tasked to make it go mobile. With a rich and mature Web system like Avorra, it normally takes time. By utilizing React Native features – the key one being out-of-the-box cross platform development ability – we were able to cut it by half, time and resources alike.
Grid is an intuitive yet powerful system of three apps, two of them mobile, designed as a complete set of tools to respectively order and serve drinks in a club. The inner complexity of the whole thing was considerable which in itself made React Native, built with React in mind, an indispensable tool to make it spin. Both mobile and Web parts of Grid share similar, easy to grasp React-like logic and structure and use JavaScript by default, as does the server part.
When looking around – literally around, with scan perimeter set by default to 736 m – for anyone sharing your interests and plans on how to spend time, Wombee is your primary tool. A tiny mobile app to smoothly connect people. It wasn’t that tiny under the hood though... Yet just one Vazco developer, empowered with React Native flexibility and simplicity, has been able to deliver the app in less than 2 months.
We’ll be happy to help you with our experience and codebase.
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