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We’ve been developing Meteor stuff since 2012. Whatever problem your app suffers from – be it performance, consistency, or structure – we know exactly what to do.

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We worked with

Newcastle University


MeastroQA has been struggling with significant issues with its product performance. Within a month, our consultants helped to optimize many areas of one of the greatest products in Meteor, such as reducing loading times by 25%.


Stage 3 Systems was experiencing a problem with Meteor update and optimization, which they estimated for 2 months of work. They approached other Meteor consultants, yet no one was able to fix it. We did it in 10 hours.


aleno is a system originally started in Meteor as MVP. Over the years of cooperation, we refined it and migrated from Blaze and Meteor to React, GraphQL, and Apollo, among others. We can do the same for you.

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We joined aleno at the very early beginning of its journey. Based on the feedback from restaurants testing the product, we got down to work and focused on implementing key adjustments in aleno's prototype version.

As for a tech long-story-short, we based the back-end on Meteor/MongoDB and the front-end on React. Meteor’s reactivity allowed us to create a fluent experience for the staff, as all inputs were visible in the application with no delay.

Working arm-to-arm with the client, we built an application with a strong market fit. It has been adopted by thousands of restaurants in Europe and elsewhere.

While the initial development was at a high level, and we could show progress quickly, the partnership between aleno and Vazco has been ongoing.


As one of the most prominent companies using Meteor, MaestroQA was looking for a partner who is a true expert in this framework.

Performed audits and consulting sessions resulted in substantial optimization of 7+ areas of the project, such as improved front-end performance by 50%.

The value delivered resulted in an ongoing collaboration to provide MaestroQA with the most efficient technology solutions and become a leader in its segment.

Who recommends us?

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In software development, testing is one of the best ways to ensure quality. And the reason we recommend Vazco is because we've already tested them in several recommendations, and our customers have always thanked us for being super happy with the result. The great experience of the Vazco team with small and large Meteor apps is a big differentiator.

Frederico Maia Arantes

CEO at Meteor Software

Move ahead with your goal-oriented team of Meteor experts rated ★4.8/5 by executives.

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We’re very impressed with Vazco's work pace, communication, and quality. At first, we didn't prepare a sufficiently extensive backlog for the team, as we were not expecting the development pace to be so fast!

Harrison Hunter

CTO at MaestroQA

For me, Vazco is a very good company. When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well made. Usually, we get full service (from the idea to the design and implementation). They are experts.

Ivica Belenovic

CEO at aleno

We came to Vazco because of their technical expertise, specifically with the Meteor stack, as we were working on scaling our platform. We quickly realized their technical expertise expanded into all areas of web development, and we've been happy to continue bringing our most complex problems for them to solve ever since.

Luke Miller

Head of Code Club for Prenda

I had my doubts about outsourcing some key development areas outside our company; however, people at Vazco have proven my doubts wrong. The team at Vazco has shown real commitment and product ownership at such a level that it would be hard to build even internally and definitely rare when outsourced. They are also really nice people and fun to work with.

Jonne Castrén

Founder and CEO of Book Salon Oy

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Meteor Consultants

Maciej Stasiełuk

Maciej Stasiełuk | CTO at Vazco

We are proud users of Meteor since its early releases back in 2012. Today the hype for it may be gone, but it's still a great, battle-tested, full-stack framework for building cross-platform apps with real-time capabilities to impress your end-users. And whatever problem your Meteor app suffers from, our team can help you find the right solution.

Radosław Miernik

Radosław Miernik

Michał Weskida

Michał Weskida

Jakub Plak

Jakub Plak

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If you are building a digital product, you need a reliable, stable, and technologically advanced partner who will take care of building a team of experienced developers so that you can focus on your business.

Our Meteor developers established a reputation for creating complex management systems based on classic Meteor (Mongo/Blaze) or its more hybrid evolutions (React, GraphQL/Apollo) and migrating first into the second.

We did our share in the open-source territory, and our packages are among the most popular in the Meteor community.

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Maciej Stasiełuk

Maciej Stasiełuk

CTO at Vazco

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