We’ve been developing Meteor stuff since 2012. Whatever problem your app suffers from – be it performance, consistency, or structure – we know exactly what to do.

  • Meteor Core Contributors, since 2012
  • A team of 10+ senior Meteor developers
  • We worked with the best & biggest Meteor projects


We worked with


MealsUnite was a project bogged down in technological debt, always in a "soon to be released" state. We managed to help the client tackle the most significant obstacles and launch them within a few weeks.


Stage3Systems was experiencing a problem with Meteor update and optimization, which they estimated for 2 months of work. They approached other Meteor consultants, yet no one was able to fix it. We did it in 10 hours.


Aleno is a system originally started in Meteor as MVP. Over the years of cooperation, we refined it and migrated from Blaze and Meteor to React, GraphQL, and Apollo, among others. We can do the same for you.

Technology experts

How can we help?

Our Meteor developers established a reputation for creating complex management systems based on classic Meteor (Mongo/Blaze) or its more hybrid evolutions (React, GraphQL/Apollo) and migrating first into the second.

We did our share in the open-source territory, and our packages are among the most popular in the Meteor community.

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What our CTO thinks?

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We are proud users of Meteor since its early releases back in 2012. Today the hype for it may be gone, but it's still a great, mature platform, and we love to build apps on top of it.

Maciej Stasiełuk

CTO at Vazco

Let's build a Meteor app together!

Our projects

Our popular Meteor packs on GitHub

More than 800k downloads of our open-source library

uniforms are our flagship open-source contribution. It’s a set of open-source libraries capable of instantly generating any given form. It supports all schemas and themes, allows instant prototyping, and simplifies the separation of concerns.

Internationalization package for React and Meteor.

Meteor collection on steroids.

Meteor universe selectize standalone.

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I used uniforms myself. They are the auto forms of React. I think it’s an absolutely amazing package and deserves more praise.

Jerremy McConnors

Learn with us

We share Meteor knowledge


Read our guest blog post on Meteor's official blog, from Maciek Stasiełuk, our CTO, about managing forms in a Meteor/React projects with the uniforms package.


Please look at the presentations we created for training and bootcamps and share them with the Meteor community.

Case studies

Meteor projects we delivered


A tablet-focused reservation management system for restaurants.


A machine learning mobile app that helps salespeople get new contacts and accelerate sales.


A social messaging solution integrating multiple social channels.

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Building a development team? Let’s do it together!

If you are building a digital product, you need a reliable, stable, and technologically advanced partner who will take care of building a team of experienced developers so that you can focus on your business.

At Vazco, we’ve been developing web and mobile apps since 2009 and have completed dozens of projects. Our clients have benefitted from a mature approach of our engineers, testers, product owners, and designers.

Being located in Wrocław, Poland - a 1M urban area and a major academic and technological hub - gives us access to great talents.

Frequently asked questions

What is Meteor, and how can it help my business?

Here are answers to some of the most common questions asked by our clients.

We found Meteor to be a particularly great choice in two cases:

  • Real-time applications. The DDP protocol that the Meteor data system is based on is excellent for use cases where information must be delivered immediately, including rapid updates. This makes Meteor an attractive fit for a variety of products: from online collaboration systems, interactive dashboards, up to games.
  • MVPs and projects focused on Time To Market. Meteor is a complete platform, with tooling and modules that bypasses recurring issues common for app development. With a rich set of open source and our own internal packages, only the features unique for your project needs to be coded from scratch. It allows us to focus on parts providing the most significant value and reduce the time required to launch.

Meteor has a few unique features that make it an excellent choice for many software products:

  • Write once, run everywhere. Single JavaScript codebase, allowing to reuse code and business logic between frontend, backend, and mobile.
  • Real-time by default. Managing fast-changing reactive data or online collaboration is a breeze with DDP and WebSockets.
  • Mature platform. Meteor is used in production in many years now, without significant breaking changes over the years. This is especially important in the ever-changing world of JavaScript frameworks.
  • No vendor lock-in. There are an open community and many companies that are comfortable working with Meteor. Choosing it for your projects guarantees that you are never limited to a single software house or vendor, due to obscure or proprietary code.
  • Low Time To Market. Meteor is great for quickly bootstrapping MVPs and prototypes. At the same time, it allows you to go pretty far with your product. Why spend years on an app when you can test your idea in a matter of weeks?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: It has not been better for a long time. While you can find rumors over the Internet about how Meteor is dead and unmaintained, those are probably outdated. While it was true that there was a point in time when Meteor used to get less attention from its authors that it deserves, this is no longer the case.

Tiny (technology-focused VC) acquired Meteor in October 2019 and invest in it continuously ever since. New versions are released regularly, and the future for Meteor looks brighter than ever.


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Michał Zacher

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