• using TypeScript saves time as many bugs are caught even before running the code
  • TypeScript helps developers to be more productive, with intelligent code hints, autocomplete, and inline documentation
  • TypeScript can be introduced to every JavaScript project incrementally, without a need for a complete rewrite

Why TypeScript?

More than just JavaScript

TypeScript is an open-source language that is built on top of JavaScript. It provides additional benefits by strictly typing the code, something that is not possible in pure JavaScript.

With types, you can describe the objects' shape, provide better documentation, and ensure that code will work correctly, limiting runtime errors.

Gradual Adoption

Adopting TypeScript is not all or nothing. You can start with a few existing JavaScript files and convert your codebase at a pace comfortable for your project.

Writing types can even be optional in TypeScript, and because of the power of type inference, you can get many benefits without writing additional code. And if you need even more safety, you can adopt stricter rules when you're ready for it.

Good Tooling

TypeScript is not just the language but also the tooling and whole ecosystem behind it.

Many integrations covering every popular IDE or code editor greatly enhance the Developer Experience. As a result, developers are more efficient and simply happier.

Thanks to "Definitely Typed" (a community project that we as Vazco also contribute to), there are types and documentation for many existing JavaScript packages, which makes using them even more comfortable than the original.

What does our CTO think?

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Using TypeScript is probably the best low-hanging fruit you can reach for when building apps. It will yield great results in the long run, with much better maintainability, Developer Experience, and vastly reduced runtime errors.

Maciej Stasiełuk

CTO at Vazco


TypeScript Experts

Wojciech Adamek

Wojciech Adamek

TypeScript is a lot of things. It's self-documenting, robust, and scalable code. It's a way to move ahead faster in projects. And most importantly, it's a source of confidence in your product.

Check out Wojtek's GitHub!

Our Consultants

Maciej Stasiełuk

Maciej Stasiełuk

His GitHub
Radosław Miernik

Radosław Miernik

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Konrad Bosak

Konrad Bosak

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Case studies

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Shoof Doctor

Web & mobile app for booking telemedicine consultations for patients and doctors, plus managing medical services of labs & radio-centers.


A set of open source libraries with over-handling forms in React.

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Frequently Asked Questions


On a high level, it lets the developer have an option to annotate the code with types. By doing that, TypeScript can check whether the code is correct, e.g., the function receives a correct number of parameters. Types can be used not only for checking the code but also for automatically generating code or documentation.

No, you can start with one file and expand gradually. There’s no need to rewrite anything - type annotations can be added without changing the code.

Yes! One of the most significant benefits of TypeScript is that it allows for easy interoperability with JavaScript code. Even if your codebase is large, you can adopt it gradually and move forward with a refactoring pace that is comfortable for you. The more you code you got covered, the more benefits you'll see, but typing even the few most popular helpers will give you a boost.

This depends on many factors, the most important being the experience of developers with TypeScript and type systems in general. It's true that for some TypeScript may be seen as a hindrance for the development speed, as you not only need to type the code itself but also the types. But (similar to tests), the initial investments quickly yield profits with fewer runtime bugs and quicker, more confident development.

You should do it right away, for a few reasons:

  • There is absolutely no reason not to do it. The advantages are so significant that omitting them seems a lost opportunity.
  • It's easier (and, as a result - cheaper) to do it in the beginning. While it can be easily added later, this still needs some overhead for refactoring, which could be omitted when TS is used from day one.
  • Using it from the beginning can create good habits in the development team with more strict rules. As a result, it improves the project's maintainability and potentially reduces the technical debt that could occur otherwise.

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