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Telemedicine has been a growing trend for years, but now it is speeding up. Being able to talk to patients remotely, make appointments, gather and integrate data and issue prescriptions online allows keeping patients and medical staff safer. At Vazco - software development company, we are able to build custom telemedicine solutions using pre-existing components that we already developed. With no need to build from scratch, we are able to tailor telemedicine apps quickly and efficiently. Build your custom telemedicine software solution.
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Video consultation engine

Our remote conversation engine is ready to be deployed. With excellent audio and video streaming quality, the patients have a sense of being taken care of professionally.

Patient records integration

With pre-designed databases and data-integration systems, the apps we build can become functional within weeks and are ready for testing. Skip the long analysis, and let’s get straight to the point.

Tailored user interface design

Existing designs mean that we just have to adapt them to the specific apps we build. With functionality and minimalistic feel in mind, we assure a clean and transparent user experience, suitable to any age group.
Audio and video streaming require years of experience to get it right. At Vazco we built several live-streaming platforms, including highly demanding sports broadcast applications with minimum delay and large audiences of up to 25 000 viewers. With such high loads, we have tested a number of approaches and scenarios that can be quickly rescued in telemedicine apps. We use state of the art technologies to offer a seamless experience to users, irrespective of the number of concurrent calls.
With data integration at the core of many of our projects, we have patterns in place to implement in telemedicine. One of the applications we built required us to coordinate the work of caregivers looking after patients in virtual care rooms. With large amounts of sensitive data exchanged on a regular basis, we made sure that the systems are secure and meeting national data protection regulations.
Clean, easy to use interfaces we assure that the user experience is positive every time. Especially in the time of illness, which is a distressing event, the application has to be easy to use. Buttons, colors, and fonts are adjusted to any age group and include the branding of our client so the product is easily distinguishable from other solutions available in the market.
Applications of telemedicine
Telemedicine has potential with few limitations. Here are some of the possible applications of telemedicine.
Consultation and prescriptions
Consulting the doctor does not have to involve visiting their office. The majority of simple cases can be treated after a remote interview and looking at basic parameters, such as temperature or blood pressure. With many countries making e-prescriptions a standard, doctors can issue them and send them directly to pharmacies. With mobile devices almost universally available, patients can visit their doctors on the way to work, at the office, or from their bedroom.
Telemedicine reduces the share of missed follow-up appointments by making them easy to attend remotely. E-health can also include reminders and calendar integrations.
Mental health support
In the time of distress, remote psychological or psychiatric consultation means better quality of life and less risk of complications, such as depression or suicide. The consultations with mental health professionals can be done remotely.
Care home support
Assisted living is a form of care that requires human contact and empathy. With staff often strained and unable to attend every person under care at all times, telemedicine helps to stay in touch with doctors, as well as other people, such as family members.
Telemedicine and telehealth software development
Taking care of ourselves and our families has a central point in our lives, yet we often lack time to do it properly. Telemedicine allows us to consult a doctor, get a prescription, or run basic checks on the go. Developing a custom telemedicine app can help medical professionals and patients.
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