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In each episode, we venture beyond the ordinary and dive deep into strategic expert insights. Join us on this journey and discover how to deliver digital products fundamentally better.

Product Odyssey #01

Kicking off with 'Okay, but first let's start with a workshop' seems to be the default approach for many companies when embarking on digital projects. But is initiating with a workshop a necessity for success? 🤔

Product Odyssey #02

How not to bankrupt using AI on your project? 💸 As AI continues to capture the interest of the tech world, it's highly probable that your project already leverages some form of AI. But are you monitoring its cost-effectiveness and ROI?

Product Odyssey #03

How does organizational culture impact your business success? Embedding the right culture from the get-go ensures your company’s values and vision are deeply rooted, setting the stage for the long-term success. 🏆

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