Reach firm viability like 80% of start-ups we work with.

Partner up with the team with full accountability & ownership of your project, which will deliver your product with a lean approach, where every action is aimed at meeting your objectives and advise you on how to reach a scale-up phase.
Business Delivery

Successful cooperation fundamentals

Before you’ll be swept up in the whirlwind of developing your digital product, you need to have a solid foundation that will be your advantage ever since. Find out what factors make your business accelerate with us.

Developer experience
We reduce attrition in our team and the client's team by providing high Developer Experience based on extensive processes to encourage people to progress and invest in new solutions, increasing efficiency.
Growth-oriented environment
Our people operate in subject-based skill development circles, where they are provided with an excellent space for knowledge sharing. As a result, you have tech professionals up to date with the latest tech trends, able to choose the best solution to solve your problem.
Software home in numbers
  • e-NPS at Vazco is at 67
  • The attrition rate among developers is 10%
  • Our team is made up of more than 50 experienced individuals
  • 83% of our Tech Leads have been with us for more than 5 years.

Budget predictability

We know that budget for any client is a key business resource. Thus, it is vital for us to achieve your goals and keep finances under control. Thanks to our sustained attention to ensuring the utmost predictability and transparency in budgets, more than 90% of our projects have been completed in accordance with the budget framework.

Selected team
Estimates are prepared by a team of technical and business professionals selected for their unique experiences matching your project scope specification.
Estimation advisory
The estimation additionally includes recommendations on monitoring the pessimistic variant and reducing uncertainty by identifying areas requiring additional research, refinement, and suggestions for possible simplification of the scope by, for example, using off-the-shelf solutions or OSS libraries.

Min-Max range
The upfront project estimate ranges between min-max, which sets an optimistic and pessimistic scope for the project budget. The ranges consider additional factors related to process, communication, quality assurance, and project management. We also include elements that control the uncertainty or optimism of the estimators based on our previous estimates.
Customizable components
The component points provided allow you to see how the budget can be optimized by manipulating the scope and selected parameters of the project.

Running the project

To achieve business success, a holistic approach comes to be essential for project execution. By working with us, you can expect a comprehensive team taking care of every project aspect from the very start to finish.

Full understanding
The entire team understands business goals and delivers the increments you need to achieve your milestones without any waste.
Business translation
We use any process as a tool to achieve your goals, not an end in itself. A tailored Software Development Process is the backbone of success - translating your business goals from the strategic plan to the backlog and the tasks of individual team members.

Continuous Business Delivery

Different phases of product development require different approaches to technical requirements, expected quality, and budget management. Whether you are in the early stage of your business journey, and you need rapid hypothesis testing combined with budget control, or your mature product requires scalability and high performance and ensuring resilience, you have found the right partner to provide it all.

Key fundamentals
  • Meeting business goals and needs with a constant focus on minimizing losses according to the "The code is a waste" approach.
  • Continuous reviewing of the business model to meet established goals and growth opportunities.
  • Planning project work in a Lean approach - delivering measurable results as fast as possible.
  • Focusing on the traction of our clients' businesses - prioritizing addressing functionalities that bring the highest ROI.

Roles Guidebook

Each company got its own custom project setup. In companies you have cooperated with before, you might have multiple contact persons, or you have a single source of truth. To meet your expectations and fulfill your needs before we start cooperating, we want to introduce you to roles you’ll be facing up to the circumstances.

Your future first-touch person, accountable for the frontline situation. The PM has a complete overview of the goals being pursued and sends you regular reports explaining the project's current status. To ensure that the project stays on track and meets its targets, we assign a PM to every project we work on. Depending on the project's specific needs, the PM may be responsible for managing a team and overseeing several key areas of the project.
  • Product Ownership
    Backlog management and prioritization under your business objectives
  • Scrum Mastering
    Tailoring processes to your needs and ensuring high performance of the development team
  • Project Management
    Project budget control, forward estimation and velocity tracking

Quality-first development

Your business strategy is not the only factor in your success. It has to be backed by technology, enabling your full potential. See the fundamentals of high-end software we provide that can drive your business.

  • Circle of 10 Tech Leads taking charge of your project
  • Attrition rate at 10% among developers
  • 83% of Tech Leads are 5+ years on our board
  • Consultants able to ad-hoc step in and significantly boost team performance
  • Streamlined Code Review and Peer Review processes
  • Ongoing mentoring process focused on skill development of our teams
  • Omnipresent automation to optimize your long-term costs
  • Testing process as a business must
  • No vendor locking

Looking for pure CTO stuff?

Business executives recommendations

Even the best plan without results delivery is nothing. Find below the opinions of our clients satisfied with the results provided by Vazco.


Jonne Castren

Founder & COO at Book Salon
I had my doubts about outsourcing some key development areas outside our company; however, people at Vazco have proven my doubts wrong. The team at Vazco has shown real commitment and product ownership at such a level that it would be hard to build even internally and definitely rare when outsourced. They are also really nice people and fun to work with.

Ivica Belenovic

Co-founder & CEO at aleno
When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well-made. Usually, we get full service - from the idea to the design and implementation. They are experts.

James Farquhar

Founder & CEO at GeeGee
Vazco is a trustworthy and reliable technology partner. They're very clear about what they're doing, how they're doing it and they understand our business objectives and purpose. Based on my experience with GeeGee and Vazco I would highly recommend them to anyone that's looking for a technology partner. I've only felt supported in my journey with GeeGee, they are genuinely committed and dedicated professionals.

Geert Peter de Oude

Founder & CEO at Onyx
Vazco is a company that thinks about how we can benefit as a company. We like to be very transparent in our communication, and they are open to feedback. For us, this is the perfect way to create a top-notch team, and that is what we have.

Work with a partner focused on your business results.

Post-submission process

Your business strategy is not the only factor in your success. It has to be backed by technology, enabling your full potential. See the fundamentals of high-end software we provide that can drive your business.

Step 1

Needs screening call

Step 2

Background preparation

Step 3

Team take-off