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Mobile App Development

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Select mobile app development approach that fits your needs best

One of the various approaches can be utilized to create a mobile application. The distinctions between them incorporate their abilities, execution, and the intricacy of the development process. Discover which one fits your business best.

What is it?

Web apps designed to work like mobile apps, accessible through browsers without installation.


No installation required | Easily shared via a URL link or placed in shops after customization.
Versatility | One app works across platforms (Android and iOS).
Updates | Releasing new versions is straightforward. They do not require the full process necessary for in-store apps.
Low development & maintenance costs | PWA apps can be cheaper to develop as it is technically similar to maintaining web apps.


Limited native features | The ability to access some of the device's native features may be limited and vary depending on the platform.
Performance | PWA applications have performance similar to web applications - may be slower in some use cases compared to native applications.

A-to-Z mobile app development services

Looking to develop a brand new app for iOS and Android, test business hypotheses quickly, or migrate your React app to a mobile platform? Look no further! Our product delivery teams are here to provide expert solutions for your business needs. Partner with us and move your mobile app forward with top-notch React and React Native expertise.

Our company has a proven track record of successfully launching mobile apps on various platforms, such as iOS and Android. Our team of experts follows a comprehensive development process that includes designing an intuitive user interface, incorporating cutting-edge technologies, and conducting rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance. In addition, we meticulously adhere to app store guidelines to create an appealing listing that attracts potential users.
Launching our app involves more than just uploading it to the app store. We carefully monitor its performance and collect user feedback to enhance and update it, ensuring its ongoing success.
Our team's expertise ensures a successful mobile app launch that will attract and retain users and help achieve your business goals.

You deserve service fitted to your needs

How we care about your mobile app success

Creating a mobile app without achieving the desired outcomes is a futile effort. To ensure that technology aids in your success, we have devised an approach that will make your product robust. Below are the key factors from a business perspective that contribute to successful delivery.

  • Lean approach

    Lean approach

    To get to your business destination, we focus on delivering value increments quickly and efficiently within each milestone, sprint, or task.
  • Budget optimization

    Budget optimization

    Optimizing the budget is possible due to the flexible scope of the project and by selected parameters. You receive from us all the components to make the best decision during the process.
  • The code is waste

    The code is waste

    We always make sure the entire team understands your business goals. As a result, every line of code gets you closer to your desired outcome.
  • Keeping order

    Keeping order

    A Product Owner is assigned to each project we work on. This person has a complete overview of the goals being pursued and sends you regular reports explaining the project's current status.
  • Success drive

    Success drive

    The Customer Success Manager will ensure that your needs are fulfilled and that you are satisfied with our services. That contact person will be in touch with you to discuss with you any improvement possibilities.
  • Cooperation accountability

    Cooperation accountability

    For projects combining several service areas, we provide you with one contact person for the entire project, who binds the achievement of your business goals and ensures transparency of the whole collaboration. To ensure you the expected results and the highest experience from our cooperation, we also conduct NPS surveys under the work of teams outside Vazco.

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To achieve success in business, a perfect plan alone isn't enough. You need technology that unleashes your full potential and ensures the longevity of your digital products. Our tech fundamentals have gained the trust of many tech executives we work with.

  • Circle of Tech Leads
    Circle of 10 Tech Leads taking charge of your project
  • Low attrition rate
    Attrition rate at 10% among developers
  • Tech Leads long on board
    83% of Tech Leads are 5+ years on our board
  • Consultants boost
    Consultants able to ad-hoc step in on your project as needed, and significantly boost team performance
  • Code Review and Peer Review
    Streamlined Code Review and Peer Review processes
  • Mentoring processes
    Ongoing mentoring processes focused on skill development of our teams
  • Omnipresent automation
    Omnipresent automation to optimize your long-term costs
  • Testing processes
    Testing processes as a business must
  • No vendor locking
    No vendor locking

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Kiwi-originated mobile application captures more and more users’ hearts by revolutionizing business approach and top-tier technologies.
Book Salon

Book Salon

From a simple prototype, Book Salon thrived to become one of the most promising Scandinavian scale-ups.


Luxury furniture retailer, which improved its conversion by 100% after implementing a 3D configurator, allowing customers to create their dream sofa in real-time.
Shoof Doctor

Shoof Doctor

Application for booking telemedicine consultations for both patients and doctors, which perfectly responded to the pandemic market needs by managing medical services of labs & radio centers.

Executives' conclusions on our mobile app development services

We take pride in delivering exceptional service that leaves our clients thoroughly satisfied. Take a moment to peruse some glowing testimonials from business owners who have partnered with Vazco and experienced our unequivocal excellence.

GeeGee Videotestimonial
I had my doubts about outsourcing some key development areas outside our company; however, people at Vazco have proven my doubts wrong. The team at Vazco has shown real commitment and product ownership at such a level that it would be hard to build even internally and definitely rare when outsourced. They are also really nice people and fun to work with.

Jonne Castren

Founder & COO at Book Salon
Introduction of a 3D Configurator, transfer to a new e-commerce platform, and other planned changes we did, increased our conversion rate by approx. 100%. [...] They advised us how to efficiently move into a direction we were aiming at - becoming the most digital furniture retailer in Europe.

Marcel Faymonville

Head of Marketing at Vetsak

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