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Forging partnerships with EdTech companies for over 15 years, we know how to synergize education and technology.
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Boost your competitiveness in a tech-savvy world

  • Innovative EdTech tools available on demand
  • Expert advice on how to implement new technologies into your solution
  • Build a custom EdTech product with us

What value can we add to your business?

  • Ready-to-use EdTech tools

    Looking for ready-made solutions? We created revolutionary EdTech products, like HendrX (OpenSource studio and player for interactive content, with AI-friendly architecture) or BookLens (digital semantic book reader). Reach out to us and see how they can step up your game.
  • Advisory & consulting

    Let’s drive innovation in EdTech! We guide the integration of advanced technologies into EdTech solutions. Among many others, we can help you with generative AI (for example, to produce interactive content - tests, images, video, and gamification mechanisms from text), tools enhancing Blended Education 3.0, and community features.
  • Custom-made EdTech solutions

    Elevate your business and gain a competitive edge. We act as your efficiency multiplier, delivering added value at every turn. Choose to collaborate on a comprehensive, full-scale project or entrust the entire process to our expert hands.

Explore the success story

Our tools for education

Explore our innovative digital semantic book reader, crafted with generative AI. It simplifies and shortens text for the reader and does so accurately.
It's a great tool for, e.g., medical students or paramedics, who tend to read the same book multiple times, focusing on different aspects.
BookLens creates up to 7 layers of abridged book versions, enabling effortless zoom between layers.
Semantic readers open opportunities for business models not available before, all possible thanks to the lower cost of content creation due to generative AI. For example, it offers new monetization opportunities for publishers.

Let's talk about implementing ready-made solutions on your project

What kind of EdTech solutions do we deliver?

What challenges of the EdTech community do we address?

Gain a trusted advisor and do everything in a digital one-stop shop, getting rid of technical headaches. Focus on what truly matters – your business.
We’re a software house specializing in EdTech, and we have spent more than a decade advising businesses like yours on how to reach the next funding series. Let’s talk about your innovation and see how we can help.

What do EdTech executives say about partnering with us?

''Victor Sabatier

Victor Sabatier

CTO of Campus Skills
They are great advisors - even a single consultation can be of great value to your project. Initially, I purchased a product from their company and later decided to engage their services for an application audit - without any doubt, Vazco is a real digital one-stop shop. I am delighted in terms of ROI - the audit was conducted swiftly, surpassing my expectations.
''Luke Miller

Luke Miller

Founder & CEO of Fiero Code
Our feelings about working with Vazco are extremely positive overall. I think what I respect about Vazco is its technical expertise. We came to them with really challenging problems, and they've delivered high-quality solutions in a short amount of time. We will go back to Vazco when we encounter technical challenges that are too challenging for us.
''Pauline Graham

Pauline Graham

Senior Content Strategist at Elsevier
I found Vazco to be very responsive, flexible, and intuitive in finding solutions to our brief. Communication levels were very good, and I felt we had a relationship of mutual trust from the very beginning. The Vazco team is creative and pragmatic, and they delivered exactly what they undertook to deliver on time and within the budget.

Discover our EdTech projects

A semantic reader for a renowned academic publishing company that allows an immersive digital book reading experiencd.
Knowledge-sharing platform, which empowered 1000+ students to learn from one another.
A learn-to-code platform for libraries and schools, which offers a gamified learning environment for thousands of students across the US
The Electronic Learning booklet and skills Eportfolio for tutors empowers 50,000+ users
A high school-centered social network focused on class, level, and college, which 1200+ schools have used.
A store for interactive books that readers can extend

EdTech Team Representatives

Michał Zacher

Michał Zacher

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Maciej Stasiełuk

Maciej Stasiełuk

Chief Technology Officer
Aleksander Zygmunt

Aleksander Zygmunt

Head of Business Development
Damian Suseł

Damian Suseł

Head of Delivery