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How we make CTOs' life easier?

If you've reached this page, you might face challenges that plague your team or product. For more than 14 years, we've been helping dozens of tech executives similar to you solve product problems they couldn't or wouldn’t handle on their own. Working hand-in-hand with CTOs is our bread and butter. See how we can guide you to your desired destination.

Assuring quality throughout the entire journey

To build a successful product, quality must be provided at each step of the process. To ensure that both you and us have an agreed understanding of quality, we described areas we care about from the very beginning to the "life after deployment".

Static code analysis from day 0
Reducing the feedback loop and avoiding errors with automated software that guards us against making human mistakes is vital. Tools like ESLint, Prettier, or TypeScript ensure that code follows the best practices before it's even pushed for code review. Our ESLint config with changes voting system provides insight into how we approach such matters.
Explicit interfaces for both business and technical people
While TypeScript is a very technical tool, we can leverage it to materialize our design even before we jump into the implementation; the same goes for GraphQL schemas or JSON API specification. Such a toolset will help materialize design before implementation, spotting potential problems early.

Product Consulting for any-size companies

Different companies face different challenges, but they have one thing in common - they want to solve their problems immediately. Often, the answer in this situation is proper consulting. Flexible enough to cover the needs of both startups and enterprises and streamlined to provide a crystal-clear overview for the clients. Find out below what problems can audits & consulting take off your head.

Preparing to go big
Expecting 10 times higher traffic shortly or estimating a significant traffic peak and still need to figure out what to do? Our team can provide you with the best suggestions on how to prepare your architecture for all possible scenarios.
Advisory with open source and off-the-shelf solutions
Sometimes, you might have your goal on the horizon, but you don't have the internal capabilities to develop needed functionalities on your own. To shorten your time to market, open-source & off the shelf solutions can have one of the best time-to-price ratios. Our experience shows that such solutions could help accelerate MVP launch or reach the financing stage. Everything is about choosing the right service/product.
Work-focus on the right things
Your product has its own priorities; sometimes, your own priorities can mean something very different. This is the point where the team's effort and the desired goal may diverge. To let your product thrive properly, we're always open to suggesting ways to minimize possible development waste. As a result, every milestone sprint or even a task brings you closer to the expected accomplishment.
Technical Product Evaluation
Have a defined and well-documented product idea but still unsure if it holds water? Our team is here to help you realistically assess the situation through preparing a Proof of Concept. We will verify if your plans versus goals & budgeting strategy is correct, and conduct a market evaluation. If necessary, we will suggest you the best possible optimization paths, and advise on the direction your product should take.

Pillars of our tech delivery

To work with someone effectively, you must be sure that you and the other side are a match. There is no difference in our tech industry. Sometimes there is no "best approach" - only different ones aligned to someone's work style. See below what makes Vazco's very own work approach. Are we a match?

Work with a partner driving your business results with high-end technology

Result-focused business expertise

Even the most capable technology cannot turn your digital product into a success-machine without the right business approach. It must be supported by solutions that enable your full potential. See how the technology we provide you with, is backed by our business fundamentals, accelerating your success.

  • Lean approach

    Lean approach

    To reach your business destination, we focus on delivering value incrementally, quickly, and efficiently within each milestone, sprint, or task.
  • Optimizing your budget

    Optimizing your budget

    Budget optimization is possible due to the flexible scope of the project and properly selected parameters. We provide you with all the components to make the best decisions during the process.
  • Zero-waste code

    Zero-waste code

    We ensure the entire team understands your business goals so that every line of code gets you closer to your desired outcome.
  • Keeping order

    Keeping order

    A Product Owner is assigned to each project we work on. This person has a complete overview of the goals being pursued and will send you regular reports explaining the project's current status.
  • Success drive

    Success drive

    The Customer Success Manager is there to ensure that your needs are met and you are satisfied with our services. This person will be in touch with you to discuss any improvement possibilities.
  • Cooperation accountability

    Cooperation accountability

    For projects combining several service areas, we assign a single contact person for the entire project, responsible for achieving your business goals and ensuring full transparency throughout our collaboration.

Want to learn more about our business approach to your success?

Tech executives recommendations

Even the best plan is nothing without delivering any results. Below you will find the opinions of our clients satisfied with the results we provided.

We’re very impressed with Vazco's work pace, communication, and quality. At first, we didn't prepare a sufficiently extensive backlog for the team, as we were not expecting the development pace to be so fast!

Harrison Hunter

CTO at MaestroQA
Vazco's professional help met the app and business goals. Collaborators reduced the time spend onboarding a new vendor and handling the update process of data and vendor communication. This encouraged the number of vendors who updated data and documents on a regular basis.

Bill Kwon

VP of IT & DT at CallisonRTKL
We came to Vazco because of their technical expertise [...] as we were working on scaling our platform. We quickly realized their technical expertise expanded into all areas of web development, and we've been happy to continue bringing our most complex problems for them to solve ever since.

Luke Miller

Founder of Fiero Code
Vazco has a very cordial and kind culture. It has been a pleasure to work with them. They are experts, knowledgeable, and accessible.

Andy Jennings

Head of Technology at Prenda

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