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Adrian Mucha

Software Architect & Tech Lead
The cool thing about the company is that the new people get good support from the experienced programmers. I got a responsible role in a big project pretty quickly, and I feel like I'm growing as a developer. I like that it is based on real skills and not, for example, seniority.
Maja Sanders-Bochenek

Maja Sanders-Bochenek

Project Manager
Being involved in various exciting projects with clients from around the globe provides me with a great sense of accomplishment. Working at Vazco means being part of a vibrant and dynamic environment that serves you with various opportunities that allows you to boost and develop new skills. At Vazco, the company culture is exceptional, fostering open-mindedness, a willingness to support one another and the drive to discover and apply the best possible technical and business solutions.

Karolina Waszuk

QA Lead
If you are a QA focused on your own development - this is the right place for you! I've started my career at Vazco as a manual tester and pretty fast had the opportunity to switch to automation. Show your readiness, and the opportunity for development will come to you. I feel like we're having a really good synergy as a team. The great support provided by the other developers will let you spread your wings.

Open Positions

Join our team of 50+ skillful professionals and embark on a journey with us!

  • Senior Full Stack JavaScript Developer

    • PLN 17 000 - 22 000 net + VAT
    • Remote first
  • Junior Growth Specialist

    • PLN 5000 - 6000 net + VAT
    • Hybrid

Vazco fundamentals

Find yourself in an authentic and open company culture. Our non-hierarchical structure means minimal management and transparent communication with everyone (including the CEO).

The values we believe in guide our day-to-day work. Would you like to learn more about them?

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At Vazco, we know that the culture and atmosphere are not the only things that matter at work. What matters to you? There's a high chance we've got it covered!

Company culture

Vazco is a velvet organization. What does it mean, and why does it matter?

We have leaders, not managers. We believe authority comes from merit, not the other way around. Teams are cross-functional and democratized through open dialogue and equal say for everyone, regardless of seniority.
We celebrate differences and bring a variety of perspectives to the table. Taking the lead, owning the change, and staying accountable in the process come naturally when everybody feels respected and included.

Recruitment process

Transparency matters. That’s why we want to give you the complete picture of what our recruitment process looks like. We're darn serious about finding the right fit for our team, both in terms of skills and approach.

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The Crew

See what our colleagues think about working at Vazco.

Michał Weskida

Software Achitect & Tech Lead
What's remarkable about Vazco is the unmatched possibility for personal growth. I started working here 7 years ago as a typical junior developer. I hadn't even finished college yet, and I had no professional experience. I've been taught and guided through all the stages: junior 👉 mid 👉 senior 👉 architect. At each stage, I've been given an appropriate role and training. If you're ambitious, this is the perfect place to be.

Zuzanna Bomba

Content Marketing Specialist
Vazco has a remarkable and truly unique company culture where everybody is treated equally. The back office roles are just as important as those contributing to external projects. With my vivid temperament, I thrive on igniting new ideas, and I've found my working environment to facilitate proactivity. I couldn't recommend Vazco enough to those who value transparent communication and welcome growth opportunities.
Volodymyr Zakhovaiko

Volodymyr Zakhovaiko

Full Stack Developer
Several reasons led me to join this fantastic team. Previously, I worked for a large technology company in Poland that did not prioritize the development of its employees. There was no chance for me to improve my skills by exploring new Open Source technologies, as we always stuck to outdated solutions. However, at Vazco, we embrace cutting-edge technologies and tools, providing ample opportunity for professional growth. Additionally, my colleagues' supportive and collaborative culture makes it easy for me to learn and grow. To sum up, I am pleased to be a part of Vazco because everyone is treated equally and allowed to contribute, regardless of their seniority.

Michał Zendran

Senior Full Stack Developer & Tech Lead
The cool thing about Vazco is that I can develop my skills in various ways by working with bleeding-edge technologies, preparing company-wide presentations, and joining one of many subject circles like the Open Source group. I got a tailored development path along with an experienced mentor, which put my career on the fast track.

Iwona Janaszek

Project Management Officer
Vazco is a company that enables continuous development and is not afraid to invest when it sees the potential. There is a very welcoming atmosphere, which promotes solving problems and creating interesting projects. Every day at Vazco is different but equally inspiring. All of this has created a suitable environment for starting my career in Project Management without prior experience. This is a place where I can discover what path I want to pursue and do it with the support of others.

Explore exciting projects you can be part of



Since 2015, our technical excellence has helped this Swiss startup become the market leader in its industry for the whole DACH region with a cutting-edge reservation management system.


A revolutionary social platform where people can create, play and share Microsports - sport-related challenges all around the world.

Book Salon

Starting as a simple prototype, Book Salon thrived to become one of the most popular booking systems for beauty & well-being services in Finland, currently being used by over 2000 salons in Europe.


American scaleup helping CX teams understand and create the best customer experiences, which ensured its future resilience with significant performance and cybersecurity improvements.


A high-quality 3D Configurator allowing customers to create their dream sofa in real-time, which doubled the conversion rate of a luxury furniture retailer.


A globally-renowned architecture firm adapted human-operated process to the sophisticated forms management system and overcame major vendor-related challenges.
Shoof Doctor

Shoof Doctor

Web & mobile app for booking telemedicine consultations for both patients and doctors, which moved from initiation to the live product in 2 months and perfectly responded to the pandemic market needs by managing medical services of labs & radio centers.

Onyx One

Fully customizable low-code platform for workflow & form management, which has gained major corporate clients from all over the world by providing extensive business logic and great flexibility at the same time.


Delivered on time and budget robust solution which is a semantic book reader for medical students.

Frequently Asked Questions

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