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''Adi Cohen

Adi Cohen

Team Lead at Sapiens
Vazco is a reliable partner. They're professionals at addressing complex technical and business problems.
''Marcel Faymonville

Marcel Faymonville

Head of Marketing at Vetsak GmbH
They advised us how to efficiently move into the direction we were aiming at - becoming the most digital furniture retailer in Europe.
''Harrison Hunter

Harrison Hunter

CTO at MaestroQA
We’re very impressed with Vazco's work pace, communication, and quality.
''Eli Geoffroy

Eli Geoffroy

Chief Product Officer at aleno
Vazco and aleno have been cooperating for a very long time, and that means something. What I value most in Vazco is the way they combine technical expertise with business understanding. It's a real asset of working with them.
''Ivica Belenovic

Ivica Belenovic

Co-founder & CEO at aleno
When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well-made. Usually, we get full service - from the idea to the design and implementation. They are experts.
''Geert Peter de Oude

Geert Peter de Oude

Founder & CEO at Onyx
Vazco is a company that thinks about how we can benefit as a company. We like to be very transparent in our communication, and they are open to feedback. For us, this is the perfect way to create a top-notch team, and that is what we have.


Starting as a simple prototype, Book Salon has become one of the most promising Scandinavian scale-ups.
  • One of the most popular booking systems for beauty & well-being services in Finland.
  • International product expansion started from Finland to the Scandinavia and UK regions.
  • Provider of both booking and payment services, currently being used by over 5000 salons in Europe.
Book Salon


Technical excellence fueled this Swiss startup to conquer the DACH region market with a cutting-edge reservation management system.
  • Survived COVID-19 pandemic despite the restaurant industry crisis.
  • Business expansion starting from Switzerland to the entire DACH region resulted in serving millions of people per month.
  • Strong co-ownership - we help aleno recruit new team members by laying out processes - both business & development ones.


New ZealandNew Zealand
A social platform where people can create, play and share Microsports - sport-related challenges.
  • Revolutionary platform redefining sports and fitness for communities around the world.
  • Full ownership of the technical side of the project resulted in bringing application performance to the next level and preparing for the product launch to the market in 2022.
  • Continuous product development with global aspirations in mind.

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  • Sapiens

    • IndustryInsurance
    • CountryIsrael
    No-code form composer used worldwide to define custom data flows and processes for the biggest Swedish insurance providers.
  • Vetsak

    • IndustryE-commerce
    • CountryGermany
    Luxury furniture retailer, which improved its conversion by 100% after implementing a 3D configurator, allowing customers to create their dream sofa in real-time.
  • Onyx One

    • IndustryTech & Innovation
    • CountryBelgiumBelgium
    Workflow Management Platform, which has gained major corporate clients from all over the world by providing extensive business logic and great flexibility at the same time.
  • CallisonRTKL

    • IndustryConstruction
    • CountryUnited States
    A globally-renowned architecture firm overcame major vendor-related challenges by adopting a sophisticated forms management system.

    Elevator with zremb logo
    • IndustryTech & Innovation
    • CountryPolandflag of Poland
    Here comes Martha – an AI-powered robot with a mission to offer a personalized, human-like approach instead of the simple press-the-button interaction we know from elevators installed in our buildings.
  • LivingBooks

    • IndustryEdTech
    • CountryUnited States
    Innovative platform connecting writers with readers to enable creative cooperation.
  • Fiero Code

    Children learning to code in the classroom. A desktop mockup showcasing Fiero Code's user interface.
    • IndustryEdTech
    • CountryUnited States
    Thanks to the end-to-end technical groundwork of the web application, Fiero Code - a learn-to-code platform - is primed and ready to embark on new challenges in the upcoming growth phase.
  • MaestroQA

    • IndustryTech & Innovation
    • CountryUnited States
    American scaleup helping CX teams understand and create the best customer experiences, which ensured its future resilience with significant performance and cybersecurity improvements.
  • Bauintelligenz

    • IndustryConstruction
    • CountrySwitzerlandSwitzerland
    A construction project management software to plan, coordinate and finalize work at construction sites in a data-driven and test-driven process.
  • Campus Skills

    Campus Skills Edtech Product interface
    • IndustryEdTech
    • CountryFranceflag of France
    Expecting increased user traffic, Campus Skills reached out to us seeking advice on the performance and scalability of their EdTech solution. Our direct list of recommendations arranged by ROI allowed our client to assess their current situation.
  • auBahut

    • IndustryEdTech
    • CountryGermany
    A high school-centered social network focused on class, level, and college. Built with an interactive Meteor interface.
  • Vessel

    Designer planters & tables - 3D configurator for Vessel U.S.A.
    • IndustryE-commerce
    • CountryUnited States
    A custom 3D configurator was precisely what Vessel U.S.A. required to streamline their online shopping experience. We recommended an affordable solution and successfully delivered the configurator within 3 months.

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