Custom 3D configurator development

Looking for a way to maximize your revenue? Provide your online shoppers with a convenient experience through a powerful 3D custom solution! Enable your customers to see products in real-time anytime, anywhere.
  • Increase customers trust
  • Improve conversion rate
  • Accelerate customer's decision-making
3D Configurator

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Key characteristics of our custom 3D product configurators

  • Lightweight

    We build our 3D solutions with Three.js technology. Seamless loading and excellent responsiveness both for mobile and web? You got it!
  • Approachable

    A straightforward and intuitive user interface allows you to get your customers smoothly to the conversion point, improving the sales process.
  • Handy

    Easy integration with other systems secures complete control over implementing a customized solution into your existing platform.

Get the 3D configurator tailored to your exact needs

What is really special about our blend of custom development with module configuration?

Unlock the next market edge for your e-commerce platform with Augmented Reality (AR)

Enhance your customer experience by allowing them to visualize the customized product in a close-to-life setting with an additional advanced feature.
Meet customer preferences and show the value behind a purchase by allowing them to view the product design in real-time, directly through their mobile phone camera.

What benefits does a 3D configurator bring to your business?

  • Increased customer trust

    Find a way to make people depend on buying products online without seeing them live.
  • Improved conversion rate

    Find ways to improve conversion and empower your sales team, thanks to tech.
  • Simplified purchase process

    Focus on your unique products and forget about solutions that divert your customers' attention.
  • Enhanced product flexibility

    Show your customers endless options for your product arrangements.
  • Speed up customer decision-making

    Struggling with hesitant customers? Show them their future purchase in a real-time setting, and relinquish the pursuit.
  • No-code approach

    Let your clients do any modifications they like without the developers' involvement, saving much time and resources.

Examples of industries that can benefit from integrating our custom solution

Let your users create, customize and interact with your product.

  • Furniture


    Visualize the furniture configuration for your interior.
  • Manufacturing


    See the finish of the detail in post-processed elements.
  • Jewelry


    Check the details with new precision.
  • Architecture


    Real estate in 3d made simple.
  • Interior Design

    Interior Design

    See the interior from an entirely new perspective.
  • Sporting Goods

    Sporting Goods

    Match the equipment that is ideal for your training program.

Step into a world of immersive 3D shopping and let your customers experience the difference


Delivering a game-changing project for Vetsak, we built a custom 3d configurator. With our custom solution, changes applied in real-time allow customers to visualize the product without the need to visit a showroom.
  • The conversion rate increased by 100% within 3 months after launching as a result of the simplified purchase process.
  • Introduced a no-code approach, allowing clients to do more modifications without the developers' involvement.
  • Increased customer trust by giving them a solution to purchase products online without seeing them in person.

How do the clients perceive our expertise?

''Marcel Faymonville

Marcel Faymonville

Head of Marketing at Vetsak
Introduction of a 3D Configurator, transfer to a new e-commerce platform, and other planned changes we did, increased our conversion rate by approx. 100%. We achieved the goals set at the beginning of the cooperation, we’re very satisfied with the results. [...] They advised us how to efficiently move into a direction we were aiming at - becoming the most digital furniture retailer in Europe. They helped us efficiently reach our goals, on time, and according to the plan. It’s also simply a pleasure to work with them.

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