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We truly value Open Source

Find out more about why we adore Open Source. Learn more about our sharing mindset and check out what it means for you

  • Co-create others’ solutions

    We not only value creating our own solutions and using someone else’s but also creating stuff and taking care of the products created by others - as is the case with Meteor, where we have a structured collaboration and a list of joint achievements both in the core and community projects.
  • For everyone, barring none

    We create our very own solutions and publish them for literally everyone. Why? Because sharing is pure value for both sides. We use libraries made by others, so we want to give back to the community. Dogfooding is essential, and many of our clients appreciate it - no vendor locking out here. Wherever you are from - use, test, and apply our solutions freely.
  • Open Source initiative internal support

    At Vazco, we advocate code and knowledge sharing! We love Open Source so much that year-by-year, we increase the budget for developing our very own Vazco Open Source Group.
  • Not only code-sharing

    Code is not everything, and bad code is a waste. Therefore, to share only good code, we contribute to the community also with some of the processes and approaches we employ, such as our “open standards,” where you can find, for example, GitHub Actions workflows.

Our Open Source projects

See our in-house accomplishments used in thousands of any-size projects all around the world.

uniforms logo
uniforms is a set of React libraries for building forms from every schema - currently the most popular schema-agnostic form solution in the world. uniforms can help you render a form by taking care of its state management, validation, and submission. What makes it unique, though, is the ability to completely generate the form for you, without having to provide its layout manually.
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universe:i18n logo
universe:i18n is an internationalization package for the meteor platform that offers great performance and developer experience. It allows for easy integration with different frameworks like React, Svelte, and Blaze, as well as smooth database integration. The package supports many features, such as namespacing of translation strings, YAML file formats, string interpolation, and many more.
SparrowQL logo
SparrowQL was created to make your work with multi-collection queries much easier and more convenient. It’s an alternative way to make your aggregation pipeline easier to read and maintain. The most significant profits are less time spent on writing MongoDB aggregation pipelines and a boost in performance.

And many more! Check out our projects on GitHub.

Solutions trusted by

See what tech professionals think about our cherished library - uniforms, and our tech expertise.

Vazco’s uniforms is one and the only library that allows you to have greater flexibility on top of the React platform to building forms you like.

Wojciech Trocki

Team Lead at RedHat
uniforms is the backbone of our data-intensive web-applications. We have about 200 different forms, from very simple ones, to ones that are filled with complex data-loading conditional form components, which create an incredible UX for our users. And if you really need to push the limits of what you can do with forms, I would highly recommend reaching out to Vazco.

Florian Bienefelt

Chief Technology Officer at Resolve
uniforms is my go-to solution for quite a while. Great holistic approach to tackle forms. I especially love the approach to making custom form layouts. Developer experience par-excellence.

Viktor Bezdek

Front-end Platform Architect at Toptal

Solutions made by

Open Source is all about the people who are happy to share their brilliant ideas with others. Meet our team responsible for the solutions you are probably using already.

Radosław Miernik

Head of Engineering
Enjoys solving performance problems, especially the MongoDB-related ones. Creator of uniforms and active Meteor contributor. Frequent speaker at various tech events such as Meteor Impact or many local meetups.

Wojciech Adamek

Software Architect & Tech Lead
Takes pleasure in working with the front-end side of things and solving complex React problems. Embraces the testing mentality. Sometimes dabbles with CI/CD and infrastructure.

Adrian Mucha

Software Architect & Tech Lead
Adores problem-solving and automating processes with software. Keen on React and GraphQL. Takes part in tech meetups. Contributor of uniforms.

Piotr Pośpiech

Full Stack Developer & Tech Lead
Particularly interested in Meteor and React projects. Maintainer of the universe:i18n package and contributor of the Meteor framework.

Michał Zendran

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
Specializes in front-end technologies and enjoys working with new frameworks. Maintainer of universe:18n and creator of the animatedtxt package.

Ernest Teluk

Full Stack Developer
Technology fanatic with many tweak ideas on how the use of innovative packages can positively impact application development. Contributor of uniforms.

Konrad Bosak

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
Experienced back-end solution architect with a functional approach in mind. Maintainer of uniforms and a big fan of GraphQL. Often seen working on pipelines - probably Mario's relative.

We host React Wrocław Meetup

For us, Open Source is not only about the digital world. Our local events proved it works offline, too. That’s how we fuel our Wroclaw community with tips & tricks for React and, above all, provide our fellow professionals with an environment for knowledge sharing. You can find their many different topics, such as development with a contract-first approach, functional programming, or tips for creating reusable hooks. Currently, our community has over 1700 developers - if you’re interested, check out our meetup and join us for the upcoming event.

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