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How we take care of your Node-driven app’s success

Software development without the delivery of the right results is pointless. To let technology drive your success, we have developed an approach to help your product become the market leader. Find out below the main factors of successful delivery from our business perspective.

  • Lean approach

    Lean approach

    To reach your business destination, our primary goal is to provide fast and efficient value increments for every milestone, sprint, or task.
  • Budget optimization

    Budget optimization

    With a flexible project scope and parameter selection, budget optimization is feasible. We provide all the necessary components to help you make informed decisions throughout the process.
  • The code is waste

    The code is waste

    Our team always strives to comprehend your business objectives thoroughly. This enables us to write each line of code with the sole purpose of bringing you closer to achieving your desired outcome.
  • Keeping order

    Keeping order

    For every project we undertake, a dedicated Product Owner is assigned. This individual possesses a comprehensive understanding of the project's objectives and provides you with regular updates regarding its progress.
  • Success drive

    Success drive

    Our Customer Success Manager will work closely with you to ensure that all of your needs are met. They will be in touch with you regularly to discuss any opportunities for improvement and address any concerns you may have.
  • Cooperation accountability

    Cooperation accountability

    We provide a single point of contact to manage projects across different service areas. This person ensures that your business goals are met and coordinates all aspects of the project. We prioritize transparency and conduct NPS surveys to ensure high-quality work and a positive experience for our clients.

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See why CTOs build their full stack teams with us

Even the best business plan does not guarantee your success. It has to be driven by technology, enabling your full potential and ensuring your digital product resilience. Check out the fundamentals of high-end solutions we provide, appreciated by many tech executives we work with.

  • Circle of 10 Tech Leads
    Circle of 10 Tech Leads taking charge of your project
  • Low attrition rate
    Attrition rate at 10% among developers
  • Long-term cooperations
    83% of Tech Leads are 5+ years on our board
  • Consultants  boost
    Consultants able to step in on your project as needed and significantly boost team performance
  • Code Review and Peer Review
    Streamlined Code Review and Peer Review processes
  • Continuous mentoring process
    Continuous mentoring processes focused on the skill development of our teams
  • Omnipresent automation
    Omnipresent automation to optimize your long-term costs
  • Testing processes
    Testing processes as a business “must”
  • No vendor locking
    No vendor locking

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Our Node services seen through the executives’ eyes

There’s nothing better than a client satisfied with your service. Check out what our clients think about our product delivery.

The team at Vazco has shown real commitment and product ownership at a level that would be hard to build, even internally and definitely is rare when outsourced. They are also really nice people and fun to work with.

Jonne Castrén

Founder & COO at Book Salon Oy
Vazco and aleno have been cooperating for a very long time, and that means something. What I value most in Vazco is the way they combine technical expertise with business understanding. It's a real asset of working with them.

Eli Geoffroy

CPO at aleno
Vazco is a company that thinks about how we can benefit as a company. We like to be very transparent in our communication, and they are open to feedback. For us, this is the perfect way to create a top-notch team, and that is what we have.

Geert Peter de Oude

Founder & CEO at Onyx

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Meet your Node experts

Our company is driven by code. Discover below our skilled individuals who empower this code to deliver the desired outcomes for your Node-based project.

Konrad Bosak

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
If you seek a flexible environment that works from day one and scales with your business, you are in the right place. Node lets you prototype your product with the help of a vast ecosystem, adapt to a rapidly changing market, and shine when you're on the wave. Catch it, or stay with your floaties.
Wojciech Adamek

Wojciech Adamek

Software Architect & Tech Lead
Having the same programming language and similar technologies on both the front-end and the back-end is a great boon for everyone. Developers can focus on learning and writing in just one language. This directly translates to higher-quality code that is also shipped much faster, with the added benefit of greatly simplifying the application's architecture.
Krzysztof Szut

Krzysztof Szut

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
Node allows developers to write both client-side and server-side code using JavaScript, streamlining app development and eliminating the need for separate front-end and back-end teams. It's an open-source platform with a vast community of developers who create packages that can easily integrate into your app, saving time and resources. With these benefits, Node is a cost-effective choice for businesses of all sizes.

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