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Frederico Maia

Chief Executive Officer at Meteor Software
In software development, testing is one of the best ways to ensure quality. And the reason we recommend Vazco is because we've already tested them in several recommendations, and our customers have always thanked us for being super happy with the result. The great experience of the Vazco team with small and large Meteor apps is a big differentiator.

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Fiero Code
Deep code refurbishment accelerated the performance of the app’s key elements by ~350%
Major CX/UX improvements resulted in significant forms performance enhancement

Development services with Meteor

Partner up with the Meteor team providing comprehensive services to meet all your needs. Whether you require a consultation for a specific issue or a product delivery team that can deliver tangible business results, we've got you covered. From a single line of code to dominating the market, we are here to navigate you every step of the way.

MaestroQA has been experiencing major performance issues with its product. Our team of consultants was able to provide guidance and optimize various aspects of one of the greatest Meteor-driven products. We were able to achieve a 25% reduction in loading times within a month.

How we care about your Meteor app success

Achieving success with Meteor app requires the ability to consistently deliver optimal results. We have honed our approach over many years - these are the crucial elements for ensuring successful delivery from a business standpoint.

  • Lean approach

    Lean approach

    We aim to efficiently deliver value increments at every milestone, sprint, or task to reach your business destination.
  • Budget optimization

    Budget optimization

    Optimizing the budget is possible due to the flexible scope of the project and properly selected parameters. You receive from us all the components to make the best decision during the process.
  • Zero-waste coding

    Zero-waste coding

    Our team ensures that everyone is clear on your business objectives, so each line of code contributes to achieving your desired outcome.
  • Keeping order

    Keeping order

    A Product Owner is assigned to each project that we work on. This person has a complete overview of the goals being pursued and sends you regular reports explaining the project's current status.
  • Success drive

    Success drive

    A Customer Success Manager will ensure that your needs are fulfilled and that you are satisfied with our services. This contact person will be in touch with you to discuss any improvement possibilities.
  • Cooperation accountability

    Cooperation accountability

    For projects combining several service areas, we assign you a single contact person for the entire project, responsible for achieving your business goals and ensuring transparency of the whole collaboration.

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See why CTOs build their Meteor teams with us

Success in business requires more than just a great plan - technology is key to unlocking your full potential and ensuring your digital products are resilient. See below what factors indicate that our high-end software solutions are trusted and appreciated by many tech executives we work with.

  • Meteor Core Contributors on the board
  • Circle of 10 Tech Leads taking charge of your project
  • Over 80% of Tech Leads are 5+ years on our board
  • Consultants able to step in ad-hoc on your project as needed, and to significantly boost team performance
  • Streamlined and well-adopted Code Review and Peer Review processes
  • Ongoing mentoring process focused on skill development of our teams
  • Omnipresent automation to optimize your long-term costs
  • Testing process as a business must
  • No vendor locking

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Our Meteor services with the eye of executives

There's nothing quite like having a satisfied client who appreciates your service. Take a look at what business owners who work with Vazco have to say about our delivery.

''Harrison Hunter

Harrison Hunter

CTO at MaestroQA
We’re very impressed with Vazco's work pace, communication, and quality. At first, we didn't prepare a sufficiently extensive backlog for the team, as we were not expecting the development pace to be so fast!

Luke Miller

Founder & CEO at Fiero Code
We came to Vazco because of their technical expertise, specifically with the Meteor stack, as we were working on scaling our platform. We quickly realized their technical expertise expanded into all areas of web development, and we've been happy to continue bringing our most complex problems for them to solve ever since.

Ivica Belenovic

Founder & CEO at aleno
For me, Vazco is a very good company. When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well made. Usually, we get full service (from the idea to the design and implementation). They are experts

Work with a Meteor partner focused on your business results

Meet our Meteor experts

Meteor fuels many of our projects. See below who makes it so powerful to provide you with measurable results for your Meteor-driven business.

Piotr Pośpiech

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
Meteor is a comprehensive solution that addresses various requirements of modern web development. It provides the capability to develop real-time applications expeditiously and efficiently while requiring minimal configuration. This makes it a suitable choice for not just Minimum Viable Products (MVP) but also for projects that require scalability.

Krzysztof Szut

Senior Full Stack Dev. & Tech Lead
Meteor is a full-stack framework that provides a lot of tooling out of the box. This, alongside its API design and conventions, make development straightforward and focused, allowing developers to concentrate on writing application logic rather than dealing with complex setups. This makes it perfect for rapid prototyping and MVP development.

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