Audits & Consulting

Grow your product in the right direction by investing in high-impact recommendations sorted by ROI. In case our findings are not impactful enough for your project, we offer a full refund*.
*A promise that we proudly never had to fulfill.
Audits & Consulting

Join over 100 companies who've trusted our audits to strengthen their products.

Technology updates & optimizations estimated for 2 months of work have been fixed by our consultants in 10 hours

Executives' opinion on our IT consulting services

''Victor Sabatier

Victor Sabatier

CTO of Campus Skills
They are great advisors - even a single consultation can be of great value to your project. Initially, I purchased a product from their company and later decided to engage their services for an application audit - without any doubt, Vazco is a real digital one-stop shop.
I am delighted in terms of ROI - the audit was conducted swiftly, surpassing my expectations. Not only did they deliver exceptional value, but their approach was also characterized by utmost professionalism.

''Eli Geoffroy

Eli Geoffroy

Chief Product Officer of aleno
Vazco and aleno have been cooperating for a very long time, and that means something. What I value most in Vazco is the way they combine technical expertise with business understanding. It's a real asset of working with them.
''Luke Miller

Luke Miller

Founder & CEO of Fiero Code
Our feelings about working with Vazco are extremely positive overall. I think what I really respect about Vazco is its technical expertise. We came to them with really challenging problems, and they've delivered high-quality solutions in a short amount of time.
''Harrison Hunter

Harrison Hunter

Chief Technology Officer at MaestroQA
We're impressed with the quality and pace of work. We had not prepared a sufficiently extensive initial backlog for the team, as we were not expecting them to move through the initial tasks so quickly.

Does your app need a health check?
A single consultation can get your business on the right track.

What do our audits and consultations focus on?

Software audits

Guaranteed impactful results or your money back. We conduct thorough technical audits using our proven process. Our IT audits and consultants prioritize items based on Return on Investment (ROI). If you find our recommendations don't significantly benefit your project, you'll get a full refund.

✅ No-cost discussion to identify your needs and define the scope
✅ Approximately 35 hours of research led by one or more experienced consultants at the CTO level
Results within 1-2 weeks - a written report based on our proven process covering:
  • architecture,
  • maintainability,
  • performance & scalability,
  • Quality Assurance,
  • and all other categories you find important.
✅ Recommendations for next steps, prioritized by ROI and criticality
✅ A 60-minute follow-up call with our consultant focused on planning optimal improvements.

Cybersecurity audits

Ensure the safety of your digital product with a security audit. Identify weak spots before they become threats, safeguarding your critical data, and maintaining compliance with industry standards. Protect your business's reputation and build trust with a secure app that stands as a fortress against potential breaches.

✅ Over 40 hours of meticulous security research from our top analysts.
✅ A comprehensive written report delivering our findings and actionable insights.
✅ A 60-minute follow-up call with our security team to review the report and plan out your next steps.
✅ Includes ongoing assurance. Benefit from follow-up retests within a 60-day window to ensure your application remains secure after initial remediation.
✅ Includes continued support. Up to 2 hours of post-audit support to assist with any further clarifications or guidance needed on implementing our recommendations.

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Business Audits

Types of business workshops: discovery workshops, event storming, sprint planning
Business workshops
Discovery Workshops. Unearth valuable insights to guide your project's direction.
Event Storming. Unlock breakthroughs in complex business domains.
Sprint Planning. Condense months of strategy into focused, actionable plans
Emerging Technologies
Navigating the frontier of technology, we specialize in integrating cutting-edge tools that give you a competitive edge. Whether it’s AI, AR, VR, 3D, or Blockchain, we find smart, cost-effective ways to harness these innovations, thanks to our network of specialized tech partners.
Streamline your operations with a process audit. Not only does it boost efficiency and satisfy stakeholders, but it also carves a path for improved performance and cost reduction—all while ensuring compliance and maximizing customer delight.

Interested in what a proper audit looks like? Explore our approach.

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How can expert advisory services benefit your product?

An audit isn't a cure-all. However, when delivered with a focus on ROI (Return on Investment) and delivered by an unbiased team of experts, it provides substantial value.

Optimizing the budget

Cut expenses without compromising on quality. Our audit pinpoints where you're over-investing, whether it’s underutilized resources or redundant licenses, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Confronting technical inefficiencies

We spot legacy code and outdated libraries that slow you down, offering a clear strategy for modernization. This makes your product more maintainable and your team more agile.

Workflow insufficiencies

Pinpoint bottlenecks in your workflow and optimize your development pipeline. Our audit includes precise suggestions to boost code quality and speed up delivery. Now, you can create superior software faster.

Security Strengthening

We uncover weak spots in your product's security armor, from unencrypted data to fragile authentication. Let's guide you on fortifying your system to safeguard both your product and its users.

What are the benefits of a properly conducted audit?

An audit extends beyond fixing a single issue; it delivers a spectrum of advantages. Together, they positively impact the overall value of your product.

Impactful results or your money back

How do our audit & consulting processes look like?

Our goal is to offer a transparent insight into our audit and consulting process, mirroring the comprehensive understanding an audit reveals about your product. Discover our step-by-step journey below, from your initial inquiry to the fine-tuning of your product’s performance.

  • Step 1. Needs identification

    Our auditors initiate a 30-minute call to align with your objectives, ensuring we deliver the outcomes you seek. We might request access to your project's code for a thorough analysis. Rest assured - an NDA is signed beforehand to guarantee confidentiality.

  • Step 2. Approach proposal

    Post background analysis, we recommend the most beneficial approach, which we tailor to your needs. Then, we collaborate with you to define the audit's scope and type. You have the final say - after all, our work must tackle your current challenges effectively.
  • Step 3. Audit of choice

    Upon completing our research, we present a comprehensive report outlining the next steps, prioritized by their Return on Investment and urgency. We then provide a form to gather your feedback on the impact of our recommendations. In case we don't deliver impactful results, we offer a refund.

What makes our consulting services so powerful?

In the digital product space, delivering results is everything. Our consulting practices have been crafted over 15+ years of experience. You can have complete confidence in our ability to strengthen your technology, enhancing your product's resilience and success.

Meet our consultants

Consulting goes beyond just following best practices; it's about the experts who offer top-notch guidance to help your product thrive.

Michał Weskida

Michał Weskida

Software Architect & Tech Lead
The audits that we’ve done have always brought immense value to our clients. One of them, after being implemented, led to a 2-year collaboration and a fully-fledged joined-team effort in expanding the product’s functionalities. Not only the code changes were well received, but also our expertise in managing big teams and organizing work processes, which led to much-improved efficiency of everyone involved.
Maciej Stasiełuk

Maciej Stasiełuk

Chief Technology Officer
An audit provides a straightforward path to gain insights from seasoned professionals who can illuminate all aspects affecting an application. When teams are deeply involved in a project day in and day out, they may become blind to both its strengths and flaws. Our fresh eyes are unburdened by this familiarity. Moreover, an audit is an opportune moment to reassess your team's extensive "wishlist," helping to prioritize tasks effectively within your timeline.
Wojciech Adamek

Wojciech Adamek

Software Architect & Tech Lead
General static code audits are the low-hanging fruit to ensure that your project stays healthy. It is very easy to get too comfortable with your own codebase and overlook things. An external, fresh, unopinionated look can shine a new perspective on your project. This can help you catch obvious bugs, inconsistencies, and outdated or incorrect patterns. Proper discovery and assessment of these things can tremendously boost your product's quality and Developer Experience in a short amount of time.

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