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Citizen development will revolutionize the way we think about app development

calendar icon2022-02-02

In the era of rapid digitalization, when all enterprises feel the pressure to move their processes online, a new movement called citizen development started. Simply speaking, it is development for non-developers. This approach brings a new perspective to app and website development, creating some new, exciting possibilities. [...]

On throw in React

calendar icon2021-10-05
user iconRadosław Miernik

"The (clean) API itself is there not only to help people understand the code better without diving into implementation details but also to prevent them from foot guns of any sort. [...]"

Are you into this topic? If so check this article and find out what our Software Architect thinks about the future of React.

Our thoughts on the development of JavaScript ecosystem

calendar icon2021-03-25
user iconRadosław Miernik

A colleague of mine recently asked whether we consider the current state of the JavaScript ecosystem stable...

The ins and outs of building workflow management systems with Camunda

calendar icon2021-01-18

In a world, where information flows more dynamically than ever, and any delay in information flow may turn out to be extremely costly, workflow automation is one of the top priorities for most businesses. Camunda BPM, a Java-based framework, is one of the most popular tools used to automate business processes, improve customer experience, and boost business agility.

How to effectively monitor the performance of Meteor projects?

calendar icon2021-01-15

Read this article and get to know how to monitor the performance of Meteor in a proper way!

The short guide on implementing automated testing in Meteor projects

calendar icon2020-12-11

It's worth having a conscious approach to introducing automated testing to the Meteor project. It can save you costs and spare you potential trouble. Read how we advise approaching this topic.

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