A tablet-focused reservation management system for restaurants.

  • Rapid development
  • Long-term partnership
  • Market success


What did the client expect?


Rapidly develop the app based on prototype and feedback received from restaurants in the test phase.

Innovative interface

Build graphical interface from scratch for reservation management and no delay in the visibility of inputs.

Web and iPad

Support desktop access and tablet device; include configurators and back-office functionality.


How we solved the problem

We entered the project after a prototype version and focused on rapid development and adjustment, based on the feedback from restaurants testing the product.

We used Canvas to create an innovative interface for reservation management. We based the back-end on Meteor/MongoDB and the front-end on React. Meteor’s reactivity allowed us to create a fluent experience for the staff, as all inputs were visible in the application with no delay.

With a list of core functionalities ready, we focused on preparing a robust architecture and development process. We set up a Continuous Integration environment. QA process ensured good quality standards. The project was built with the use of a Scrum process, with the addition of fast-track approach and immediate reaction to feature requests.

During the late phases of the project, we focused on optimization and extending the list of tools available for restaurants.


What did we achieve?

Working in close collaboration with the client, we built an application with a strong market fit. It has been adopted by hundreds of restaurants in Europe and elsewhere. While the initial development was rapid and we were able to show progress quickly, the partnership between aleno and Vazco has been ongoing.

Rapid development

First results within weeks

Market success

The app is used by 600+ restaurants

Long-term partnership

aleno has been working with Vazco for years


How does our product look like?

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For me, Vazco is a very good company. When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well made. Usually, we get full service (from the idea to the design and implementation). They are experts.

Ivica Belenovic

CEO at aleno


Key features

  • SaaS system with extensive options of customisations
  • Full mobile support
  • REST API’s for external applications
  • Interactive graphical interface representing restaurant’s room layout
  • Reservation widget that can be embedded in external websites
  • Payment system integration (Braintree by PayPal)
  • Real-time communication between clients and restaurants
  • Full translation support for multiple languages
  • CRM
  • MailChimp integration
  • Integration with the Laax system

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Michał Zacher

Michał Zacher

CEO at Vazco

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