A platform connecting writers with readers to enable creative cooperation.

  • Disruptive collaboration tool
  • Development from scratch
  • Integration with Kindle


What did the client expect?

Enable reader input

Community-driven book creation at the heart of the business model.

Video and audio support

Cooperation between writers and readers was to be facilitated by online conferencing.

Publish to Kindle

The client requested direct publishing of finished books to Kindle.


How did we work on the project?

The client asked us to create a platform that would allow readers to have direct contact with the author once they buy a book. They were expected to be able to suggest modifications to books. This would make publications more community-driven and thanks to community updates would make them ‘live’ longer.

To assure community editing, we decided to use Etherpad for the book creation process. This allowed us to support multiple people modifying texts simultaneously. We optimized Etherpad in the process by designing multiple new functionalities for the editor. Some of them were video and audio support, comments, likes, and shares.

We introduced two modes of book editing. One, based on Etherpad was reserved for authors and their close collaborators. The second one was based on comments that readers could attach to a book and which authors could review.

The platform supported a bookstore, as well as community features. Readers could share favorite phrases with each other. They could discuss with authors through real-time updated forums and chats.

We implemented a cover editor based on Canvas, where users could make simple modifications and remarks to the book's cover. After creation, books could be published on Bookspace, as well as exported to most popular formats, or published on Kindle store.


What did we achieve?

The innovative collaboration model assumed creating books by multiple users including the author and a community of readers. We applied and improved existing collaboration tools and enabled the books to be published on Bookspace or Kindle.

Disruptive collaboration tool

An innovative way to write books

Greenfield project

Development from scratch

Integration with Kindle

Publishing to Amazon’s reader


Key features

  • Etherpad-based editor supporting real-time cooperation between authors, publishers, and readers
  • a bookstore
  • publishing to Kindle
  • community features: chat, public comments
  • cover editor based on Canvas

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