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Why did the client contact us?

The client contacted us to perform regular audits and consultations on the project. In the first audit we focused on three separate issues:

  • Verification and fix of the potential performance bottlenecks,
  • Minimizing technical debt,
  • Performing server costs optimization.


What we discussed from a business & technical perspective?

The audit performed by Vazco made several conclusions, based on which we agreed with the client on the scope of tasks, that would improve critical aspects of the project.

Our second, more detailed review was focused on possible optimizations that would speed up the application.

The audit concluded with the confirmation of the second pool of tasks. Once completed, we successfully completed the performance improvements.

After an initial audit, we agreed with the client to continue regular project reviews as consultants advising the original team.


We were successfully able to


Optimized initial bundle size by over 2MB, improving the loading time by ~25%


Improved security of publicly available API


Improved front-end performance (i.e., loading and rendering time) even by 50%


Reduced the execution time of multiple processes. Speed-ups vary between 10% & 70%. One example is ~20s -> ~12s


Reduced traffic between the database and the server several times. Sometimes even by 60%. One example is ~200MB -> ~95MB


Optimized required server resources by 10%


Improved CI process


Key responsibilities

  • technical audit
  • consultations
  • optimizations
  • improving the performance
  • minimizing technical debt

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Michał Zacher

Michał Zacher

CEO at Vazco

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