Low Code Development Platform for workflow management: processes, models, and document management.

  • Fully customizable low-code platform
  • Compliant with multi-level security
  • Workflow and form management


What did the client expect?

Citizen developers

Replace an old system needing constant tweaks to every client’s need with a workflow-based, fully customizable platform by citizen developers.

WysiWyg workflow management

Citizen developers are able to create workflows for any client and make the process working right away, allowing them to impress clients since the first meeting.

Fully customizable forms

A form management system built on enhanced uniforms.tools package allows creating sophisticated forms easily, with a drag-and-drop interface.


How did we work on the project?

We were involved since the initial stage of architecture design, advising, and consulting. We investigated existing software solutions available on the market to speed up development. Exploration pointed out the possibility of connecting to the Camunda Business Process Management System to create complex BPMN workflows.

The goal of the new web app was to give the admin the flexibility to create any form with extensive business logic and any workflow efficiently.

Afterward, we created a separate web app for the end-users to fulfill, submit, and track documents in accordance with the given process flow.

Using our open-source package uniforms - React library for building forms from any schema - at the early stages as the main engine, let us deliver Proof-of-Concept very soon. We used uniforms as a basis for a new framework tailored for citizen developers. Camunda manages the process design - workflow management - and provides process flow input.

Based on Camunda output, we built a separate application - “Qualification Builder,” which enables:

  • connecting even several workflows to the form
  • linking forms between each other so to make use of data in other processes
  • creating fields from a predefined list of basic fields
  • designing a layout using drag & drop on each step of the process
  • managing roles & permissions of process actors
  • testing and publishing forms

As soon as the form is published, defined users with given permissions might start an instance in a separate application: “Qualification Dashboard.”

As a team of 3 full-stack developers, QA, and a product owner, we worked in a complete Scrum framework with Onyx. The development process was divided into 2-week sprints with all required events: planning, backlog refinement, daily stand-ups, demo & retro.

We played as one team with Onyx on a daily basis, constantly clarifying the product's vision.

In a few months, we released an MVP and started to test the solution on actual end-users and Onyx business partners. The project is ongoing, reaching more and more extensive processes and forms built on hundreds of fields and multiple steps. We managed to build an augmented team with developers and QA from Onyx as well, setting goals and facing the following challenges together.


What did we achieve?

In the project’s first phase, we focused on building the form editor integrated with Camunda and the Dashboard to handle filling out forms by end-users and monitoring process flows on a Kanban dashboard. We decided to move faster using a web version only but still adjusted to mobile users.

Meanwhile, we enhanced the use of Camunda in the system's logic - it became a brain connecting all Onyx apps and databases, including the former system, with the actual business process and specific fields of forms in our app.

The new system was released to live users as an extension to the former system. On the one hand, Onyx is now able to flexible changes the flow of business processes and create newly sophisticated models. On the other hand, there is still one source of data for the end-users - there was no change for data migration, which always causes a risk of losing data integrity.


What does our client think?

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Vazco is a company that tries to think about how we can benefit as a company. We like to be very transparent in our communication, and they are open to feedback. For us, this is the perfect way to create a top-notch team, and that is what we have.

Geert Peter de Oude

CEO at Onyx

Customizable app

Customizable by non-technical employees (citizen developers) without coding.

Shortening the time to market

Onyx delivers value to its clients much faster, responding to their changing needs.

Extend the old system

Seamless swap for minimal disruption to live users.


Key features

  • integration with Camunda Business Process Management System
  • integration with legacy APIs and former system storing live data
  • drag-and-drop form creation tool, based on uniforms.tools, integrated with Camunda BPMN
  • roles and access management system with an emphasis on data security
  • field templates for the most common use
  • fields repository to store unique fields for further use
  • The automated translation of the field labels and other properties using DeepL integration
  • managing form layout on several levels using: tabs, nested sections, groups of fields, etc.
  • adding advanced fields properties (visibility, read-only mode, requirement, calculations) with extensive business logic, responding dynamically to the value provided by an end-user
  • linking data between different processes and forms
  • showing a history of editing the fields by end-users
  • Design and count a scoring taking into account the most critical fields and its values provided by users
  • web platform for end-users to start the process instance, and submit data and store documents.
  • monitor process instances on a fully customizable Kanban board
  • Managing changes of process flow even when it’s running live
  • mobile app with an e-passport system used to verify on-site access


What does our tech partner think?

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Vazco has always been a faithful ally in the cooperation with Onyx. We are thankful for all the efforts that Vazco has contributed in our projects!

Tommy Kao

CTO at Vazco

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Let’s work Together!

Michał Zacher

Michał Zacher

CEO at Vazco

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