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We do not merely use open source solutions. We create them.


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uniforms are our flagship open-source contribution. It’s a set of open-source libraries capable of instantly generating any given form. It supports all schemas and themes, allows instant prototyping, and simplifies the separation of concerns.

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Vazco’s uniforms is one and the only library that allows you to have greater flexibility on top of the React platform to building forms you like […]

Wojtek Trocki

Team Lead, RedHat

The value of sharing

The open source mindset that boosts your business

We create open source solutions, because we believe in contributing to the development community. At the same time, we use these solutions in the applications we develop for our clients. This means we often spend less time on programming from scratch and apply existing code to speed up the projects.

Code editore with open source code - Part 1

Open source experts

See how our developers share code on GitHub

Radosław Miernik

Radek’s awesome code

As the Open Source developers, we develop and maintain libraries and tools - we foster the OSS culture and raise awareness. We believe that a transparent process and “dogfooding” are the keys to stable and sustainable tooling.

GitHub | radekmie

Other contributors

Konrad Bosak

Konrad Bosak

GitHub | Monteth
Maciek Stasiełuk

Maciek Stasiełuk

GitHub | MacRusher

Technological innovation

Contributing to open source drives us forward

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes. Developing open source libraries is an example of an innovation that helps thousands of people around the world. It also allows us to dive deeper into the technologies we work with and become more enaged and improve our skills.

Code editor with open source code - Part 2


The simplicity with which one can dive into details and break a form apart into its primitive provides the much-needed peace of mind.

Serkan Durusoy


Nice work! […] If we were starting from scratch today, I think Uniforms would be an obvious pick :)

Sacha Greif

on Medium

I’ve picked up uniforms for a web app project I’m working on! And it’s awesome and quite easy

Remington Chan

on Medium

Frequently asked questions

What is the value of open source to business?

Our clients often ask us about open source. Here are answers to some of the most common questions.

Open source are software solutions that can be modified and shared by people freely. Everyone has access to it and can use it for their own purposes, without restriction. Mind the license!

Open source attracts many different people with diverse backgrounds and technical expertise. This creates a fertile ground for faster development of new features, improved security, and better performance.

Open source consists of a huge number of battle-tested and ready to use packages maintained by the community. Thanks to our expertise in working with and for open source, we are able to bring business value using them.

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