Technical excellence fueled this Swiss startup to conquer the DACH region market with a cutting-edge reservation management system delighting the guests and driving the clients’ success every day.
✅ Survived COVID-19 pandemic despite the restaurant industry crisis.
✅ Business expansion starting from Switzerland to the entire DACH region resulted in serving millions of people per month.
✅ Strong co-ownership - we help aleno with recruiting new team members with laying out processes - both business & development ones.
Project duration
  • Since 2015 - more than 8 years
  • HoReCa
Provided Services
  • Web Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Serverless Services
Countries covered
  • SwitzerlandSwitzerland
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Liechtenstein

What challenges did the client face?

  • Rapid Development

    Since the number of clients started to increase at a spectacular pace, the system had to be adjusted faster. Frequent data migrations, multiple deployments, feature flags, and private betas became essential.
  • Extension of the provided services

    Starting as just a table reservation system, aleno's goal was to provide their clients with a sophisticated restaurant (and more!) management system ensuring exquisite experience for the guests.
  • Expansion beyond Switzerland

    Over time, as the system gained a reputation in Switzerland, clients from the neighboring countries became interested in it. This entailed completely new challenges.

Technical & Business solutions we implemented

We entered the project in 2015, after the prototype version was ready, and focused on the rapid introduction of major adjustments based on the feedback provided by the restaurants testing the product.

Meteor’s reactivity allowed us to create a streamlined experience for the staff, as all inputs were visible in the application with no delay.

With a complete list of core functionalities, we prepared a robust architecture and development process enhanced by implementing our Quality Assurance standards. From the very beginning, we work on the project employing the Scrumban methodology, with the addition of a fast-track approach and immediate reaction to feature requests.
Over the past few years, integrations with external systems have been one of the main areas allowing achieving some of the significant business objectives of aleno - such as faster client canvassing and providing its services also outside Switzerland.

Invariably, rapid development is still fundamental - this way, aleno can demonstrate its capabilities to the potential clients and investors. The team tests new functionalities with the clients needing them by using an extensive system of feature flags (providing particular restaurants with access to particular features).

In more than seven years of cooperation between aleno and Vazco, thanks to the incredible commitment of the entire team responsible for the prototype version, aleno has become the market leader in its industry for the whole DACH region.

What has been delivered?

Since 2015, the team has provided tons of new features. Despite the changing business priorities, all the ones mentioned below were of major importance:


Eli Geoffroy

Chief Product Officer at aleno
Vazco and aleno have been cooperating for a very long time, and that means something. What I value most in Vazco is the way they combine technical expertise with business understanding. It's a real asset of working with them.

Key numbers

  • 4+

    Countries covered

    aleno’s partnership with other businesses allowed it to expand its services to the entire DACH region
  • 1000+

    Companies using aleno

    Solution trusted by both best-known hotel chains and Michelin star award-winning restaurants
  • 8+

    Years of partnership

    After aleno achieved the market leader status, the future of our cooperation looks even more promising.

How does our collaboration look like now?

  • Sustained business growth

    There is nothing better than contributing to our client's success. However, in order for it to last, it is necessary to constantly develop the cooperation and face increasingly ambitious goals.
  • Ongoing development optimization

    Well-planned development process is beneficial for everyone. Since the moment we joined the project, one of the significant areas of our service is to provide processes tailored to aleno's needs.
  • Strengthening of collaboration

    Due to the mutual trust, Vazco is currently responsible for recruiting new people to join the aleno tech team.

Ivica Belenovic

Co-founder & CEO at aleno
When I have the opportunity, I recommend them. We’ve been working for a long time. All projects were always well-made. Usually, we get full service - from the idea to the design and implementation. They are experts.

Create a product that will conquer the international market - just like aleno’s