A high school-centered social network focused on class, level, and college. Built with an interactive Meteor interface.
  • Greenfield product
  • Specific user group
  • 1200 registered schools

What did the client expect?

  • Build a platform from scratch

    Design and development of the app was required to deliver end-product to the market.
  • Understand target group

    High school students have specific habits and needs, and this had to be factored into the project.
  • Responsiveness

    As a social network focused around young people, responsiveness and mobile design was needed.

How did we work on the project?

AuBahut approached us with a request to develop a platform for high school students. The objective was to create a social network that would allow young people to be grouped based on their class, level, and college.
The main emphasis was on social aspects, with a focus on facilitating collaboration around courses and exercises.
We decided to use Meteor for this project due to its main advantages: responsiveness, ability to work as a mobile application without access to the internet, and ease of use.
Since the network was being designed for high school students, we focused on short text communication, images, and functionalities that required as little engagement as possible. We exposed exercises and questions, a main functionality of the platform.

Results our team has delivered

The customer received an innovative platform designed for social networking and collaboration, which caused a significant impact. The platform was widely adopted by over a thousand educational institutions and drew the interest of students from its early stages.

  • Greenfield product from scratch

    End-to-end development of the social network

  • Specific user group

    The needs of students were identified and met

  • 1200 registered schools

    Institutions widely adopted the product

Key deliverables

Create widely adopted platform like auBahut just did