Campus Skills

Expecting increased user traffic, Campus Skills reached out to us seeking advice on the performance and scalability of their EdTech solution.

Audits at Vazco prioritize business value. Our direct list of recommendations arranged by ROI (Return on Investment) and urgency allowed our client to better assess their current situation and set strategic goals for improvement.
campus skills web & mobile app
  • EdTech
Project duration
  • June-September 2023
Services provided
  • Audits & Consulting
  • 2 Senior Auditors
  • Senior Reviewer
  • CTO-level Reviewer
  • Product Owner
  • Full Stack Developer

About the Client

Campus Skills, headquartered in Grenoble, France, is a thriving EdTech SaaS startup that makes waves in the education technology (EdTech) sector. This innovative company offers two distinct products that cater to the needs of educational institutions and learners: a comprehensive learning booklet tracking tool and a sophisticated ePortfolio designed for tutors and educators.

In recent years, Campus Skills has demonstrated remarkable growth. Their learner base has surged from 400,000 in 2019 to an impressive 1,000,000 in 2022.
This exponential growth is a testament to their effective solutions and dedication to enhancing the educational experience for institutions, tutors and learners alike.
Among their prestigious client base, Campus Skills has forged strong partnerships with major business schools, engineering schools, and training programs. What has particularly impressed us is their collaboration with the Compagnons du Devoir, a historic and prestigious apprenticeship program for artists and craftsmen (which dates back to the Middle Ages!).

What client challenges did we address?

  • meteor

    Expert knowledge of Meteor and React

    Projects using Campus Skills’s tech stack are something right up our alley. Our deep understanding of technologies used by our client allowed us to provide them with expert knowledge on how to address their exact challenges. We pinpointed specific areas that required optimization, ensuring that the application was primed to meet our client’s business goals.
  • Performance & scalability

    Operating in an EdTech industry, Campus Skills expected web traffic to surge with the onboarding of new schools in September 2023. They recognized a pressing need to enhance the app's performance to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience for users. Meanwhile, their Meteor-driven application was potentially not equipped to handle a substantial increase in traffic.
  • balance scale

    Cost and time efficiency

    While Campus Skills focused on significantly boosting the app's performance, they also wanted to make sure this didn't lead to spiraling costs. The timeline was relatively tight, so the client also expected rapid action. Finding an excellent price/value ratio was a challenge we addressed within a limited timeframe.

How did we navigate the client for success?

Campus Skills began a partnership with Vazco by acquiring a subscription to our form-building product, Forminer. After a year, they reached out to us seeking consultation for a Meteor application. We conducted a detailed audit that unveiled areas where the client's product could be improved.
We meticulously assessed its performance and scalability, identifying bottlenecks and areas that required optimization. This helped in understanding the product's current state and the steps required to optimize it.
Going beyond the primary scope of their engagement, we proactively offered advice on bolstering the application's cybersecurity, ensuring that it remained secure against potential threats as the application scaled.
We also provided Campus Skills suggestions to enhance the Developer Experience. This will allow the client's development team to work more efficiently, streamlining processes and reducing potential errors.
After conducting the audit, we also helped our client implement some of our recommendations and current needs.

What results did we achieve?

We were keenly aware of the client's objective to enhance performance without incurring excessive costs, which is a major concern for startups.
Therefore, we recommended and implemented solutions that provided optimal performance boosts while remaining cost-effective, ensuring the client got the best Return on Investment.

How did the client perceive our partnership?

Their expertise in Meteor.js is exceptional. They are great advisors - even a single consultation can be of great value to your project. Initially, I purchased a product from their company, and later decided to engage their services for an application audit - without any doubt, Vazco is a real digital one-stop shop.
I am delighted in terms of ROI - the audit was conducted swiftly, surpassing my expectations. Not only did they deliver exceptional value, but their approach was also characterized by utmost professionalism.

Victor Sabatier

CTO & Founder of Campus Skills

Achieve excellence through expert advice just as Campus Skills did