Zoom - Elsevier's semantic book reader for medical students
  • Complex requirements
  • Design and development
  • On-time, on budget

What did the client expect?

  • Meeting industry-specific requirements

    Meeting industry-specific requirements

    Very specific, business-sensitive needs had to be met by the development team.
  • Monitor key measurables

    Monitor key measurables

    Usage statistics had to be measured and interpreted as one of the key deliverables of the project.
  • Build UX/UI

    Build UX/UI

    The client asked us to build UX/UI as part of the wider development process.

How did we navigate the client to success?

In a partnership with the Content team at Elsevier Ltd (part of the RELX Group), we completed a business-sensitive project which required us to get through a complex review process of the RELX group and manage a detailed list of requirements.
We identified the main actors in the system and planned the flow of an application for the client. We planned usage statistics to cover all the key measurables and then we followed with a concept phase and an implementation phase. We handled UX/UI work with the help of our partners from ITCorner, with Vazco taking end-to-end responsibility for project management and implementation.
During the concept phase, our graphic designers prepared an interface optimized for intuitiveness and ease of use.
At the same time, our programmers investigated multiple options of loading content onto a mobile device.
Once the concept phase was complete, we prepared a specification of a prototype. When it was accepted, we started the implementation, followed by tests on a focus group.

What did we achieve?

We completed the project on time and budget. The delivered product is a robust solution that allows digital book reading and handles complex searches, offers mobile support, and is packed with additional features designed with students, academics, and researchers in mind.

  • Fullfilled requirements

    We handled a sophisticated list of requirements.
  • Design & development

    Design & development

    We delivered both UX/UI and development.
  • On-time, on budget

    On-time, on budget

    The project finished as planned.

How did the client perceive our cooperation?

Pauline Graham

Senior Content Strategist at Elsevier
I found Vazco to be very responsive, flexible, and intuitive in finding solutions to our brief. Communication levels were very good and I felt we had a relationship of mutual trust from the very beginning. Operating in different languages and time zones didn’t actually present any real issues in terms of progress and interpretation of the concept. The Vazco team is creative and pragmatic, and they delivered exactly what they undertook to deliver on time and in the budget.

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