A social platform where people can create, play and share Microsports - sport-related challenges.
✅ Revolutionary platform redefining sports and fitness for communities around the world.
✅ Full ownership of the technical side of the project resulted in bringing application performance to the next level and preparing the product for entering the market in 2022.
✅ Continuous product development with global aspirations in mind.
Project duration
  • Since July 2022
  • Entertainment
  • Software Architect
  • 4 Full Stack Developers
  • 2 Automation Engineers
  • Product Owner
Provided services
  • Mobile App Development
  • Technical Audit
  • Quality Assurance
  • Business Advisory

About the project

GeeGee is a mobile application that enables users to participate in various sport activities and challenges regardless of their location. GeeGee meets the digital generation on a platform where they can create, play and share MicroSports.
It's a place for having fun and healthy competition. The main goal is that people get that good game - GeeGee feeling every day.

How the client selected Vazco as their delivery partner

Phil, our Chief Product Officer, had worked with Vazco before, so it came highly recommended. The biggest thing for us was that we needed some company that we could trust to hand GeeGee over. They understood the mission, they understood what we were wanting to achieve, and they are experts in their field.

James Farquhar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at GeeGee

What client challenges did the team have to overcome?

  • Preparing the app for the public launch

    To gain vantage of a good first impression of the audience, it was vital to provide the highest possible user experience for the market launch.
  • Accelerating product development

    To achieve the client’s goals efficiently, it was essential to streamline existing delivery processes in a way that benefits both the owners and the team. We've rolled out a robust QA process, not for dwelling on old bugs, but for boldly charting our course forward, making sure every step we take is on solid ground.
  • Improving application performance

    In a bid to prevent technology from becoming a stumbling block to the team’s pursuit of the client’s objectives, a modernization of the application’s backbone was essential. Therefore, Vazco’s team not only dedicated efforts to optimize the code but also to update the framework, aiming to leverage cutting-edge features available in the ever-evolving tech market.

How did we navigate the client to success

Our team took over the development of GeeGee after two years of it being developed independently. The main goal was to make things get on the right course and get the wind in the GeeGee sails. Work has started by conducting a backend audit, which identified major bottlenecks that had to be addressed. After taking a deep dive into the application, it emerged that the product's front end also needed modernization. React Native update was essential for the smooth operation of the team.
Our team has taken full ownership of the technical side of the project and planned the next required steps - comprehensive rewriting and improving code quality and optimization of already existing components on the front end.
Once the team has delivered a new back end and finished a major part of the application refactor, they could move forward and focus on applying new features, improving application performance and user experience through design changes.
Mutual trust built during the initial steps let the team and the owners feel confident about both the quality and velocity of the delivered results. We also streamlined processes to reconcile the needs of developers and business owners. To minimize error occurrence and, therefore, optimize the time of development, 2 of QA specialists joined the team. It was another factor increasing Developer Experience and, thus, team’s velocity.
Vazco also consulted GeeGee on planning architecture, technical dependencies, application’s security, and further app development possibilities.
  • All the business goals for the current stage of the partnership have been completed.
    The application was published to the market and currently we are actively seeking user engagement so we can collect their feedback and improve GeeGee app even further.
  • Secondly, we see improved performance of the application, it's faster and smoother, users videos are of high quality.
  • Thirdly, we now have new features available for our users - notifications hub, educational screens and private squads they can join - GeeGee community is growing every day.
Summing up, the partnership between GeeGee and Vazco has remarkably improved the application, its general quality, performance, security and brought many new functionalities that significantly increased user experience. And the best is yet to come as we are committed towards delivering new, exciting features and improving the application further, like: gamification, AR, marketplace.

Delivered key functionalities

The team's perspective

At the start of our adventure with GeeGee development we picked the application from the hands of previous developers. It was challenging at first but having great developers that are experts in the field we have managed to deliver well functioning mobile app in line with customers’ expectations. Our team managed to remove all technical obstacles to make the development process smoother and more effective, outdated components were removed and necessary updates have been completed. Our strong focus remains at the core of GeeGee’s mission so we can deliver applications in line with business values and a roadmap. Currently, we are focusing on development of new, attractive features and continuous optimizations that will help GeeGee to achieve its goals and will serve users with exceptional application that will give them the opportunity to engage in various sport challenges.
Maja Sanders-Bochenek

Maja Sanders-Bochenek

Product Owner


  • 1 developer taking care of mobile app, server, integrations with external services and security aspects
  • The same person taking care of the deployment process manually - building multiple versions of the mobile app, shipping it manually to stores and testing services
  • The team operated without a defined development process, resulting in lack of structure and standardization in their work
  • Lack of both automated and manual testing procedures, compromising the software's reliability and quality
  • The codebase contained a significant amount of deprecated or dead code, unused dependencies and was riddled with poor programming practices


  • A team of 5 developers has powered up GeeGee
  • 2 dedicated QA specialists, diligently working to ensure our application meets the highest standards of quality
  • Regular audits of parts of the application, carried out by our in-house experts
  • Product Owner helping guide our development efforts, ensuring we deliver products that truly resonate with our users
  • Established development process and flows and QA procedures
  • Automated CI/CD process that significantly accelerated the delivery of new features and enhanced software reliability while improving daily workflows and saving developers time to focus on new features

How did the client perceive our partnership?

GeeGee Videotestimonial

What's next?

  • Focus on developing the application in line with the client’s vision, investors’ expectations and based on users feedback
  • Implement new features and improvements in an iterative manner, ensuring each addition enhances the overall user experience
  • Prepare the infrastructure to handle increased traffic, up to 300k users within upcoming months. This might involve expanding servers and locating bottlenecks

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