High-quality 3D Configurator that allows customers to create their dream sofa in real time.
  • Conversion rate increased by 100%
  • Tech & Business consulting, Lean approach
  • Innovative approach to 3D configurator
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • three.js
  • React
  • TypeScript
  • three.js
Project duration
Project duration
  • Since April 2020
  • E-commerce
  • Custom Software Development
  • Test Automation
  • Business Advisory

What did the client aim for?

  • Increase customers' trust

    Find a way to make people trust while buying products online without seeing them live.
  • Improve conversion rate

    Find ways to improve conversion, thanks to tech.
  • Simplify purchase process

    Focus on the product. Avoid solutions that divert attention.

How did we work on the project?

The client described to us his goal - to become the "most digital furniture retailer in Europe". He asked us to advice on how technology can help him achieve this goal.
We created a team consisting of our CEO, CTO, and Customer Success Manager, who talked with a client in order to understand his business and challenges in detail. Based on the experience of the whole company, and our partner companies from ITCorner, we gathered ideas, and with help of technical people, we did a quick research of concepts we had.
Together, within a week, we developed a plan - several approaches which would improve the client's business, thanks to addressing the main challenges. The key elements included:
  • Changing platform to Shopify - to streamline the purchase process
  • 3D configurator - to improve user's trust in the buying process and create upsell options
  • CGI approach to image generation - to save costs for photoshoots and to improve the flexibility of imaging the furniture
We invited partner companies from ITCorner to the designing process. Those were companies specializing in CGI, transformations, and CRO. On our side, we synchronized the whole project. We also made sure aspects that required the use of new technology were built efficiently, with the Lean approach.
We were also responsible for implementing the 3D Configurator - an element critical for increasing conversion, via the increase of users' trust in the product bought online.

We started by preparing a Project Brief, which summarized the goals, expectations, client characteristics, personas, user stories, mockups, and competition analysis. We focused on Proof of Concept implementation during the first weeks. This confirmed the maturity of the technology to be used for the Configurator - as well as its scalability, and its performance.

Essential for us and the project was the active approach. We made sure each increment of work allowed us to test the system on a setup as close to testing with live users, as possible. We made sure the development team knew the client's goals well, which allowed them to suggest some great improvements. Thanks to this approach, the team not only optimized development costs but also increased the business impact of the final solution. We delivered the solution on deadline, before the Black Friday.
We were also responsible for coordinating the work between various partners (designers, Shopify developers, and the company responsible for preparing 3D models). We were one point of contact, providing ownership and accountability.

What did we achieve?

    We helped the client double the conversion rate, significantly lower the costs of his photoshoots, and streamline his sales process.
    We built a 3D configurator with the use of an innovative three.js technology, in which changes applied in real-time allow customers to visualize the product without the need to visit a showroom. We extended the understanding of how the sofa is being built and how flexible it is. The tool was used by customer support even before it was officially launched.
    3D Configurator dispels potential customers' doubts by showing the perfect configuration in desired textile and color that was not an option before due to quantity limitations of the sofa's configurations during photo-shoot.
    The system is made future-proof and flexible - new products and fabrics can be easily added.
    After releasing a new website on Shopify and the release of 3D Configurator, the conversion rate increased by 100%.
    • Improved conversion rate by over 100%

    • Coordination by Vazco of the cooperation of 4 companies

    • Solution prepared for the further development

    How has Vetsak taken advantage over its market competitors by implementing a 3D configurator?

    • Speed up decision making

      Increase sales and increase user satisfaction.
    • Online interactive experience

      Reduce the need to see the product live before buying it.
    • Show flexibility of the product

      By showing endless options of the sofa arrangements.
    • Adapted for both mobile and desktop

      The configurator works smoothly on all of the devices.

    Check how 3D configurator works

    3D Shopping experience supported by numerous functionalities

    How did the client perceive our partnership?


    Marcel Faymonville

    Head of Marketing at Vetsak GmbH
    Introduction of a 3D Configurator, transfer to a new e-commerce platform, and other planned changes we did, increased our conversion rate by approx. 100%. We achieved the goals set at the beginning of the cooperation, we’re very satisfied with the results. [...] They advised us how to efficiently move into a direction we were aiming at - becoming the most digital furniture retailer in Europe. They helped us efficiently reach our goals, on time, and according to the plan. It’s also simply a pleasure to work with them.

    Want to significantly improve your conversion like Vetsak just did?