Vessel U.S.A.

A custom 3D configurator (planters & tables) delivered in 3 months.
✅ Optimized costs and time
✅ High-end experience
✅ Simplified purchase process
  • React
  • three.js
  • React
  • three.js
Project duration
  • May – July 2022
Team size
  • 2 Full Stack Developers
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Tech Lead (Consultant)
  • Tester
  • Custom 3D configurator
  • Web development
  • E-commerce
  • United States

About the client

Vessel U.S.A. offers designer planters and patio tables with a distinctive mid-century vibe. The company was founded in 1998 to revive the award-winning Architectural Pottery Collection, a historically significant Los Angeles company. Each Architectural Block™ is modular, offering a variety of options to choose from, including patterns, dimensions, and accessories.
Impressed by the 3D configurator we developed for Vetsak, our client contacted them, inquiring about the provider of such an engaging solution. Vetsak recommended us, leading to Vessel U.S.A.'s decision.
Vessel U.S.A. has chosen to partner with us to simplify the customization process for the Architectural Block and transform just-lookers into active buyers.

What did Vessel aim for?

  • Simplify purchase process

    With many options to choose from, clients struggled to picture the final product and complete the purchase.
  • Improve conversion rates

    Empower customers to request a quote for a specific, custom-fitted Architectural Block™.
  • Provide a high-end experience

    Vessel U.S.A. offers a unique design and premium quality – the user experience must reinforce these standards.

How did we work on the project?

An interactive 3D configurator was just what Vessel U.S.A. needed to accomplish their goals. At first, we discussed semi-replicating the drag-and-drop solution delivered for Vetsak. However, upon closer inspection, it turned out that Vessel U.S.A.’s specific needs called for a different approach. We recommended a custom solution, which proved to be more cost-effective as well.
We used three.js technology, we developed a state-of-the-art 3D configurator that allows for real-time customization. In three months (350 hours in total), we integrated the fully functional product with the client’s WordPress-based website. The configurator is a part of Vessel U.S.A’s website, yet independent in terms of its functionalities.

The final result

We accomplished the client’s goals for a high-end, engaging experience. The 3D configurator simplifies picturing their dream product. All actions are done per session, meaning the customer does not have to log in to create and submit a model.
Once the client is satisfied with the product they have configured, they can request a direct quotation. First, they must fill in a form. This information is then sent to Vessel U.S.A. via email and a link opening a 3D project. The process is simple and effective for both sides.

Try it out!

Want to build your own custom 3D Configurator just like Vessel U.S.A. did?